FIBONACCHI PRICES S&R & The Hidden Markets Structure


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Dear All,

In this thread i want to develop and Share my ideas and Studyes on Fibonacchi and Price markets structures. I have Spent a lot of money and years in unfinished codes, i am not a coder myself, nor a formal economist. Just a normal trader who started trying understand markets on his own way, and i believe the knowledge im here to share is priceless, worth for newby traders and advanced traders.

Even Being Priceless, current codes and Tools i use in this system i really think are of my own copyright, even knowing this is very difficult to achieve and others can easy copy or make copyes. As i know that allready, if there is a coder looking to work with me and share 50/50 of selling a better system than current, he is welcome to sign NCA with me and we start working in this together.

But as i know also coders will take a loooot of time in getting this done, i will share the full ideas in this development, share pictures and analyses, and if someone wants my indicators for trying themself, will sell my tools for $x. In order people to try them and try to make a better trading out of theyr own systems.

This Tools will be good to trade Any Market and Any Chart with Price Volumen and Time.

In order to Start, i will share you a current markets conditions for EURUSD, and Try to give the best posible Target price for a trade. Wednesday and Thursday are of huge volatility this week so expect to have some good entry Exits for you...


monthly chart is trading at a resistance price Area, from 1.16893 - 1.17963
So, on a Month chart analysis i will expect Friday Close below 1.17963, and probably Below 1.16893.

weekly chart last week opened new Support between 1.17146 & 1.17302 and is reason why start upside after testing on early monday. weekly old resistance being tested between 1.17555 & 1.17711, allready tested the higher month chart resistance area and reversed, so target for longs achieved for the month.

Daily chart we can use same as week chart price structure

4h, we can make more conclussions, we are right now on a testing of support, prices during this 4hours might move higher, above 1.17674, test resistance at 1.17770 - 1.17807 and reverse back down to 1.17146 - 1.17302.

After this prices get tested i will give next markets idea for thursday.

then if you like this i can explain further, and if you want make your own analyses, or learn this systems, using my tools and make your own analyses, i can give Clases on Skype 1 on 1 and teach you about the ideas behind my own way to use fibo.

As for now verify if the ideas exposed for EURUSD are good enough to catch your interest or not.

Thanks for reading and any analyses for any chart with mt4 you want, just ask.


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intraday on M15 prices behaved as expected, but left the 1H resistance of 1.17770 - 1.17807 Open for future trades.

prices tested weekly resistance higher level and dropped to week support.

we can buy on dip the swing or keep sell on rise

At day close will give next EURUSD update


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if you bought the swing might be good exit now at h4 resistance and sellswings down, or wait for next h4 to see price action.



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i closed all right now 1.167 as we testing supports.

Will wait for price action now.

Probably will look to setup UJ Transactions due lots of uj news next days.
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