Feel like a complete idiot!


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If you want secondhand books, then look no further than here http://www.abe.com - if its available (in or out of print) then you'll find it here.

Basically, the site is the global network of bookdealers and sellers. The service is superb, but you have to watch the costs of postage from US or Oz, for example.

I hope this helps.

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have you used this software yet?
i have had a few long phone calls from the company selling it and they were promising 10k in year 1 and 30k in year 2 they are even doing a offer of half price software untill you have made 30k then you pay the rest

problem is they want £5800 + vat for it

is it any good?



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Dont Risk Your Money

Hi Jim,

Just dont risk your money on this. You will find on this site and in particular the traders who have been interviewed generally agree that a black box system will not beat a good trader. The place to start learning that is on these boards. I have, in the past, purchased a few of these and none of them were any better than me using my own common sense. You would be better using the 5.8K in your account for practice purposes.

Good Luck



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I have to agree with that. You are likely to learn a lot more using the 6.8K ( inc vat) to trade with! You'll come across every emotion under the sun :) Worst case, you'll lose 5K of it, but you would have learnt far more.......best case, you'll make some profit as well. :)


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Star Trader Software

I would agree with the other comments.

If given the chance again I wouldn't purchase this package. I can see some value in it, saving you ploughing through loads of charts, but I have to say after having run it for approx a month, I have been a bit disheartened by the fact that it doesn't seem to signal anything worth buying. I expect this is because of the state of the current market.
Also once you purchase the package the people in London are very difficult to speak to. I have never encountered a company who have so many 'meetings'.
The helpdesk that you speak to in Australia is fine and do get back to you with answers but I don't think they know that much about trading, just about the software.
I think you could make a better choice when spending your money and this site would be a good place to start to find more information about that. The people here always seem to be very generous with their information.
I've come to the decision that unfortunately there is no easy or fast way to learn to trade. Its just a bit of hard graft really.
If you want to know anything else about Star Trader please ask!



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I would agree with much of the advice here being a fairly new trader. One thing I found with the paper trading was that the emotion is not connected as it is in a real trade hence you don't fall victim to fear when the price moves against you, or greed when it's with you.

The most valuable lessons I have learnt is that of timing you trade. Look for strong support lines in the trends and trade from these. It is a good idea to follow just a few stocks to get to know them and how they react to key levels etc.

Also take care when tempted to go long in a bear market.

Take only a passing heed of fundamentals as they often catch us
out. Even a massive profit hike with increased dividends can see a stock falling rapidly as most things are build into the price. If the announcement was not up to expectation the effect can be

Careful money management and exit strategy will ensure your losses are limited and gains taken when appropriate. Also don't beat yourself up re losses. look at them as operating costs all business have them. Don't worry about exiting a stock with profit only to see it tick higher the next day. Few can call it at the peak.

Good Luck
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