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Hi all.

I'm in need of help. - DON'T SAY A THING CHARTMAN!!!! :p

How do I send a fax from the computer down a broadband line. I presume you do the document in Word (2000) and then select print and instead of selecting a printer, you select the fax software. Which software do I need etc..

Any help would be great. :)

I just happen to have recently set up my own pc to send faxes from. In fact you probably don't need any extra software to send a fax as Windows comes with this ability - at least Win 2k and XP, not sure about earlier versions. You may have to install the component from the windows cd if it's not already installed.

You're right about selecting print and then instead of choosing a printer, you need to choose "Fax". The dialog window that opens will take you through all the steps required to send it.

Now the only thing you do need on your broadband is a modem, because as far as I know you can't use your adsl modem to send it. But as long as you've got a modem plugged into the same line, you should be fine, just as you would plug a normal telephone into the same line.

If you don't already have a fax to test send, then sign up for a free fax-to-email service that you can find doing a search on google.

Any problems let me know!