FAO Sharky re Opening mid prices

At the risk of being red carded ref, i have the opens on MSY and CTM as 510 and 825 respectively.
Can you check please, i don't want Cookie having a laugh at my expense.
Afraid I still haven't been able to get a better feed for the competition. But fingers crossed for next week. The problem really is just with the opening prices on monday morning and every morning. So Martin usually sends me a list of the correct opening prices this evening or tomorrow if he's busy, and I update all the start prices. So consider those prices temporary until we update them. Even if you close, I'll update the start price to reflect your actual profit.

Cheers Shelman,
Hiya Shelman,

Sorry about the delay but I've updated those prices tonight, and the profit will be updated when the market opens at 8:00 tomorrow. Martin has sent me the rest of the competition prices, and I still haven't had a chance to update all the rest of them..

Expect the rest of them tomorrow sometimes..

Thanks for being patient,
Thanks Sharky....It's not every day i make half a mil and then lose it in the same breath
Hi Sharky,

Just to let you know that PON open price should be 108...cheers

hehe..the team must be trying to set an example...

Riz :)
Opening prices fixed..

Just to let you know, I got the competition opening prices from Martin, and I've updated them all. Please note that profit/percentage/price change are wrong at the mo, but as soon as the market opens tomorrow this will automatically update, so even if you're pending closure tonight it will be correct tomorrow morning.


ps. Good luck!
Hi Sharky,

Just when you thought it was safe .....

I've closed NTX at 280 from an opening of 322.5 although it shows 0 profit. Perhaps you could make suitable amendments whenever.

Hi Joe,

Sorry about that.. now all fixed (with a nice tidy profit, may I say)!

Cheers, and good luck for the rest of the week...