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Hey friends,

I have 3 pictures and a question. If somebody could PLEASE help me understand this, so that I can take this pain and sublimate it into a valuable lesson for the community.

I placed a trade (1) on GBP/JPY today. I then proceed to go about my business for the day away from my computer and I receive a notification claiming the trade hit my stop loss. Ok, no big deal that happens. But when I go to check on GBP/JPY. Here's what I see: (2).

This was a loss, and it said on my Forex account that I got stopped out at my stop of 157.276, but the price never gets close to that number. The lowest it got was 157.350.

I proceed to chat with Forex.com about this and he mentions to me something about the difference between the Mid/Bid & Ask chart. I typically trade on the Mid, but here's what the Bid chart looks like (3) and you see it obviously demolishes my stop loss.

What is going on here? Should I trade on the bid chart? The Ask Chart? When I buy should I place my stop loss on the Bid to avoid this happening? Has anybody experienced this before? All feedback and solutions are welcome. Thank you!


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