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Hi Pigsy,
Re: Post Update
I asked last night too..It looks like you`ve replied it..but I can`t read your reply..I still can't see todaya update of the following posts..thought it would help if you know about it..

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Hmm.. this is a real nuisance this whole refreshing of the page business. Which browser are you using Rizgar? Is your computer on a network? If you Ctrl-Refrsh the page do the new posts show up. Are you sure that those topics had new posts? If so, how?

Thanks for letting me know Rizgar, is anyone else having probs. I really want to lay this bug to rest.

Pigsy!!! :)
Also you might want to check your browser settings. Make sure that it's set to check for newer versions of a stored page each time you visit a page. In IE its Tools - > Internet Options -> General Tab -> Temporry Interenet Settings -> Settings -> Check for newer version every time you visit a page. Something similar on netscape.

Hi Pigsy,
Thanks for the reply..
ctrl+refresh just started working on this website..don't know why it didn't help earlier..at the moment I can update all the posts..but last night and this morning it was really a nuisance..you know there are replies in there but you can't reach them..
If I encounter any more non-updating I'll let you know..just trying to pass my observations over to you so you can make this site even more brilliant for us..


as for your questions:
I check the time under the last post heading before I open a thread..and compare it with the last post of the thread..that way I know if they have all been updated..
expl 5
no network
settings: automatically (changed it to Check for newer version every time you visit a page)
Hi Pigsy,

If you're there..can you check if my reply to reality (technical analysis.. re:freeserve) is updated..

Hiya Rizgar,

Just checked the TA forum, and your post is showing up for me fine. Does it appear ok for you? Appreciate your assistance in stomping on the bug. At home this weekend, I've not has any problems, but it won't be until tomorrow at work - which is where I initially had the probs, that I'll know whether we getting closer to solving it.

Cheers, Pigsy.
Hello again, pigsy..
looks like it's only you and me up and around.. :)
Can you please tell me what timeframe is used for TA Chart..

six months according to the bottom of the graphs page, Riz. Sorry! just checking if I've got my signature to work yet!!

Thanks Allan,

Your signature looks just fine..ohh and sweet.. :)

Well I'm afraid to say at work I still have this problem of having to Ctrl-refresh the page to get updates, and I think thats why we sometimes see duplicate post like in the uncle v shelman post.. Im determined to get to the bottom of this.. so the detective work is back on, I shall be assuming the title of holmes from now on.