Fantasy Football 20/21


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Hey folks!

The Premier League Fantasy football for the new season starts in 6ish weeks.
This thread is going to be for all of us that enter it.
I can set up a T2W league as soon as they let us (though I need to make 1-2 of you admins in case I die or whatever)

Who's in, and what are the stakes?
Suggestions on breakdown?

I personally would like to have some money on it...
Even if only a fiver
But money needs to be paid up before the deadline (either before the start, or before the first 2 weeks... whatever) - I have seen it too many times where people lose interests mid way through and then never pay.

In terms of money... I will accept the banker position on a last resort!!
If anyone has a better idea then I am totally up for it because I HATE being banker!
I never really segregate the money... and then in the weeks running up to the end I have to move money aside.
It's not the end of the world, but I would prefer to not have to do it :)


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If none of you join this free league, then I will be bragging for the next 12 months as if I destroyed you all.

Enter a team ta fk!
Missing the first week wont set you back much.
I'll deduct my first week of points to even the playing field.

If you dont enter a team then... I'll do... well... not much to be honest :)


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