Exchange Traded Funds - ETFs

Apologies is there's an existing thread on ETFs, but I couldn't find it.

Where is the best source for historic performance data - do Yahoo list the daily performance? Thanks.
Thanks Paszkman.

If I want to look at the daily historic data can I down load it, or I need to go somewhere else for that?

Going short on ETFs, I guess CFDs/spreadbets are the only way?


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if you have the ticker you can probably download EOD data from yahoo.

There are some short ETFs, depends what you want to short though.
Ok, thanks again.

Need to get a list of ETF tickers.

Not sure I can short ETF's without spreadbetting.


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There are some ETFs that are built as a short against something. you are not shorting the ETF.
Eg, there is an ETF for DAX. There is also an ETF for Short Dax. You are not shorting the ETF. You are shorting the DAX with an ETF.
Understood - wasn't aware of that and very useful to know. Thanks. Need to do some research here.

Also Looking to identify European/UK ETFs
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