Finding ETFs for index symbols


I've downloaded some historical data for Indices (i.e. not stocks) from I'm planning to do some numerical analysis on them and would then like to find listed instruments to trade that correspond to these symbols. Preferrably ETFs.

My question is, does anyone know where gets the symbols/tickers from? Or how to convert them to say reuters, BB, yahoo codes or whatever so I can then find corresponding ETFs or Futures for these? The website appears to be using their own, proprietary instrument codes.

You can see the list of symbols here (Make sure you select "Global Indices" from the drop-down).

Maybe I'm being ignorant and there is an obvious way to do this. I'm used to dealing with stock data, for which websites generally use the exchange provided mnemonic (e.g. "GOOG") so the mapping is obvious. But an Index may be traded on one of several exchanges (as a future or ETF), or it may not be traded at all.

Any help would be appreciated... The support at isn't replying to my queries, that's why I'm asking here.:smart: