Excel Problem really driving me....


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Have DDE links from trading platform to Excel to show my position.
Lets say position DDE is at ref A10
and filled price pulled in at ref B10
Now want to reference that cell with:
This just gives me
no matter what I try I cannot seem to overcome this.
Any help would be gratefully received.


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These errors usually occur when the syntax is wrong (i.e. you have too many brackets or the comma is in the wrong place etc) take a look at you formula again, its an easy oversight to make which we all do. Otherwise just revert to closing the spreadsheet and reopening it again, and if that doesn’t work go and buy an abacus.


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No error in the calc and closing then reopening doesn't work either.
I was wondering if it is something to do with the nature of the data that is being DDE'd and how it is seen by Excel because when there is nothing there it is certainly not recognised as " " or 0
Do u know a good online abacus retailer?


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You can try 2 things here:

1) Widen the cell width of the refernce cell as it may just be too narrow to display the number

2) I presume you prefixed the cell reference with "=" so that your formula reads


I have just tried using the same formula and it works fine for me so I would guess it is one of the above that is causing your problem.



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Yep to all. Seems to be a problem recognising the DDE link as a zero value, fine when it has a value in it. When there is no value I get the #value no matter how I try to reference it.
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