Ex dividend dilema


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As a user of spread betting companies I wonder if anyone knows how to find when a share goes Ex dividend. Obviously it would be handy to know this as only actual share holders and cfd holders will benefit from the divi when its paid. I dont want to watch my investment go down simply because the divi date is approaching.


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You shouldn't lose out from this with a spread bet.

If the deal is a futures quote, the div will already have been deducted from the price you opened on (and will no longer be deducted, post-div). So the futures price will be undisturbed by the stock dropping in value as it goes ex-div.

If the deal is a rolling cash or similar, the SB company should correct for the div on that night's roll.


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If you look in the companies last financial report/results it should give dates for things such as results, ex-dividends and dividends in some part of it. Try the companies website and look under investor or investor relations where pdf copies are often kept.


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mclhrr go to a site like www.advfn.com open a free account, make up a portfolio and monitor your shares, it's very easy. Check the fundamentals of any company and it shows the history of all the past dividends and amounts paid. The dates give you a good indication of the XD dates to avoid if you are long in your share.
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