Eurostoxx50 Traders Board


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Hi all,

I have just opened a board specifically for discussion on the Eurostoxx. Quite a few of us are now moving towards trading futures and I couldn't find anything on the net specifically for the Eurostoxx which for many reasons is a good entry level index to start trading.

(In case you are wondering why it's over there and not on here TBS offered the space first :) )
Well done Helen.
But you could have done the same thing on here couldn't you?

Hi Opts,

Yes I could have done and I might well have done but TBS offered as soon as I posted the idea on my board over on TMF so I accepted.

It's very difficult to be loyal to more than one site but I DO try :)
Credit to TBS for being on the ball! Next time, I'll get there first!! ;)


ps. If anyone is interested in running a board, we're all set up to do it. These can be private or public. We can also run mailing lists, and archive the emails on the site.