Will we Benefit \From Further European Integration

  • YES! I luuurve the smell of garlic in the morning

    Votes: 4 18.2%
  • NO - over my Grandads dead body

    Votes: 11 50.0%
  • I really dont give a monkeys

    Votes: 7 31.8%

  • Total voters


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well as we all know President bLiar has done ANOTHER u-turn.

Should we make further progress towards integrating UK into Euroland?

NO or
Dont know


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A while back, I would have voted NO, being in favour of keeping our identity and sovereignty in tact. I thought it unwise that we give up fiscal controls to Brussels.

No however, I believe bLiar has run this country of ours into the ground already, so I believe any change will be for the better - or to put it another way, the less control bLiar has the better.

Thus my Don't care vote.


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Trouble is that the bLiar has got Europe lined up for his next job.
So you can't can't rid of the ****** that easily.

edit, didn't know t0sser was a rude word.

Dow Dog

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OBL might though


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We may as well let Brussels run the country ,seen as America has been running it for the last year or so . :rolleyes: Thanks to our great spineless leader .


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we are already europeans. the snooty us-and-them is rather pointless.
UK companies that deal abroad, lets face it, thats were the money is, have to consider the currency-costs, and probably find it better to deal in euros or dollars.

critical-mass for blue-sky projects:
UK alone could not build, and create jobs for, the Airbus. (or the EURO-fighter)
Same for European Space Agency, although France and Germany are main drivers.
The nuclear-fusion reactor project would never have got funded without multi-national co-operation.
We are a net IMPORTER of fuel for our economy.
We are a net IMPORTER of food for our bellies.
The world OUT-THERE keeps us alive, for christs-sake.

The superficial "sovereignty" issue, is to manipulate under-educated and simple-minded folk.
I have voted "dont-care", because these decisions have already been made, by business people.
(as well as the jingoistic shoppers who ironically buy east-european and far-east goods over british-made ones- because they are cheaper. HA-HA-HA).

great start to the morning - thats got the blood pressure rising.
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