ETI enterprise inns

Darth, well done for anticipating the fly, I am really impressed by the performance of some of those you pointed out recently, and I hope you've put some money on this spot on flying share :)

Thanks Riz. I'm afraid I didn't but I have learnt a lot and I'm doing it for real now (rather than the old intellectual self-abuse).

Just like my PEA which I spotted at 104 and gone up to 124..20% in 5 trading days, not bad eh? Only my money was not where my chart was :)

I was thinking of buying ETI today, but I looked at the leisure, entertainment and hotels sector chart and it looks to be running out of steam. Money flow has gone negative.
Investors Chronicle Tip

ETI was tipped at 602p by IC this week as the price approaches and tries to test its all time high.

My expectation is that the stock will fall back to somewhere around 550-560p where there is support as controlled profit taking takes place.

IMHO. they make good value at 560p.