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Are cryptos reliable?
Reliable? Currently, no. That's the short answer. After the volatility when they peaked last winter, everyone seems to have moved away from cryptos. The thing is, they definitely have their uses in the current market (decentralized, more secure because of blockchain), but we are all waiting for them to settle. As soon as cryptos solidify a need and are decoupled from Bitcoin, we will see them being traded more and more. The volatility should reduce immensely and they will be reliable.


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Are cryptos reliable?
For me it is a question of perception. So I can't say you can trust it 100 % but still it is a way to get some profits online ... i have been trading on c ryptokartal which are quite new in the market and until now everything has been running smoothly and it is really interesting to learn how to trade in the market. Now I'm using also some links to get lessons online and hope to learn fast in this magical world of trading I would like t o say :)


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I think the key is learning to manage risk effectively. There isn't enough emphasis put on to that. I meet a lot of traders with various different strategies and they all do well. I don't think the strategy is as important as people may think of course that doesn't mean just buying and selling wherever. People that i have met or coached the biggest issue it the risk management side, or they want to make money too quickly, have stops that are too tight
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