eSignal and realtime FTSE-100 index


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Having just signed up with eSignal I was shocked to learn (a little on the late side!) that their real-time feed option for the FTSE-100 only gets refreshed once every 10 seconds!!

I can barely believe this.

The only real-time option they offer is FTSE-100 futures through the LIFFE feed (which I have), however I really want both the futures and the cash index in realtime.

Does anyone have experience of eSignal and know anything about this?

Can anyone recommend another reliable, reasonably cheap data source that could provide me with the following (other than Interactive Brokers):

- FTSE-100 Index (cash)
- FTSE-100 Futures
- DJIA Index
- CBOT Mini Dow Futures
I've just learned that the FTSE-100 index is only calculated and updated once every 15 seconds, so clearly every 10 seconds is effectively real-time.

I am so used to the DJIA, and just assumed the FTSE would be the same (namely updated tick by tick, every second or less).