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Positive divergence seem to work for the S&P 500 so where are we headed?


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I can see the S&P getting back up to 950, pruely based on the buying that seems to go on in October.

So the ultimate question, why on earth did I think the Dow was going down this week. Still asking myself that :(
Lol, FB, It's all mental m8.
This'll help you. (Or at least make you feel better). It'll give you a laugh anyway.
I was a seller yesterday. One of the biggest one day rises in the history of the American markets.
Took me 3 and a half hours to lose. But... I made it all back by double and a bit this morning in 5 minutes.

I had my mind set telling me a sell off, which it did for the first few minutes, (and gave me a profit before cruelly whisking it away again)

Thing was, My brain was set in sell mode and I couldn't shake it.

Happens on occassion, though thankfully, not very often. But when it does, you don't believe what's in front of you. Your charts are wrong, the markets are wrong (though it never is, and you forget the fact that it is not doing what it should do): (Didn't help having the wrong time frame showing by accident, but no excuses.)

No prizes for guessing which one of us, (me or the markets) gets stuffed every single time when this happens.

And to cap it all. At the moment of writing, I'm top of the leader board for the new comp. LOL!! ... Doh!

The Bull triangle that is developing would give a target of 946, well on the way to the long term downtrend resistance line point of 1000. Using EOD analysis, the developing bull flag gives us a target of 940.


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