Epic Code.

Think Yell are privately owned, Andy, so no EPIC - "In June 2001, we [Yell] were acquired from BT by the private equity groups Apax Partners Ltd. and Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst."

Source: http://www.yellgroup.com/
That's right Rudolf, but they floated today and look like they will become a FTSE100 consituent at the next review.
Yo, Mark.

Observed my broker + LSE note them as "YELL" but likes of Bloomberg & Yahoo do not appear to have updated their systems. Yell is also the code for a Nasdaq Co. so guess it may require YELL.L or YELL.ISE depending on quote engine default.

Answer to Andy may be try "YELL" tomorrow :)
Thanks. It is being traded this morning, so surely there must be an EPIC, but everywhere I look I get Big Yellow Group. I had hoped to give it a whirl on here today.

I'm away tomorrow; give you all a chance to get on the leaderboard, arf, arf, arf!

Answering my own question.....

The EPIC is indeed YELL. (ADVFN have their act together). It opened this morning 295p and is currently 292.25, with a low of 290.5 and a high of 306.

Might have to settle for Big Yellow Group here!

Andy :rolleyes: