EOD data source for both US and UK ?


Hi everybody. Does anyone know of an EOD data provider that covers both the US markets and UK markets, preferably without symbol limits.
Approximate cost?

Many thanks.

mmartin - first of all, welcome to T2W. :D

What software are you using to look at the data? Are you planning on keeping the US and UK data separately, or all mixed together?
Hi Shimbleshanks,

Planning to use Omnitrader and VisualTrader.
I don't mind whether the US and UK data is kept separately or mixed together, as long as both programs will work on both data sets. (probably mixed for simplicity but am not sure this is possible due to symbol clashes)
I have found a fantastic little program called Databull. You pay a one off 90 euros and it can download from 50 different countries. Covers all UK and US but also CAC,DAX,AEX,HSI and loads of others, also currencies. The data is downloaded free from provoders like Yahoo Finance and the like. It converts direectly into Metastock and a few others so it can be read directly from Omnitrader with the need for Equis Downloader. The only problem I have had is the technical support and generally the company as they take forever to answer emails. You can try a copy from www.databull.com. The other option (also free downloads) is Quotelf, good luck.
Thanks gsethi.

Good to know about the databull.com data source option.
Quotelf.com seems to be just US and Canada exchanges.
I've also found one, Paritech.co.uk will also provide eod data for different international exchanges.

Good luck.