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Whole 'news' programs devoted to it.People's passions being whipped up by prurient news coverage and then being described as Ghouls by the media when they respond.Parents going through extreme grief being dragged into a media circus.The only thing of interest revealed to me by this whole story is the lack of clarity regarding the various Police forces data 'weeding' policies.
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It was strange that one of the jurors found him not guilty. It was a good job the other 11 didn't agree with that person.
It might also explain why the sudden influx of sex allegations and the 'failure' of the services. Perhaps the allegations are contrived?

I can't believe your post is serious.

Didn't you notice that Huntley ADMITTED he had murdered Jessica and Holly?

I imagine the one juror wanted a manslaughter verdict. After all, that juror would need mental evaluation if they wanted Huntley acquitted, after he spent several days giving evidence of how they died in his house at his hands!

The guy at the link you posted is just a conspiracy theorist who finds plots around every corner - just look at some of his other investigations.
The juror is probably a nutter too. There are plenty of them on juries today ever since they got rid of the 'property" qualification. They should reinstate it so that we can have proper jurors and not a bunch of wasters.

Js Lee - were you that juror ?
I suspect that the 3 days were taken up persuading that sole juror he was wrong. What was more unclear was whether Carr was guilty of perverting the course of justice....
Hunly was convicted, no doubt, on the overwhelming forensic evidence and his own admissions, that corroberated that forensic evidence. Long gone are the day of obtaining a conviction through confession alone..... minor offences excepted....
Just out of interest i have to have the same crb test every year same as huntley, being a taxi driver, even if it comes back saying im a convicted murderer or rapist they cannot stop me from having a licence under the European human rights act, so it makes the hole thing a waste of time,
I guess they can't stop you having a licence but they can surely stop you having a job.

Anyway, balls to human rights and political and emotional correctness !!
Hey fellas don't have a go at me, I just posted the link to present another version. I didn't say I agreed with it !
I do think its all a bit strange though. I mean Huntley was found guilty a year ago by the media. There was never going to be any other outcome. Not without severe emabarrasment. Huntley can say what he likes its up to the prosecution to prove his guilt. Its strange the way that Huntley is perceived as a looney one minute and a thoroughly clever and merciless killer the next. The chances of killing two ten year olds in a bathroom late in the day without no one hearing anything, then stuffing their bodies in a car whilst still light without anybody seeing anything doesn't quite add up.
It was also interesting to note that the fluff regarding changing his tyres and slipping the mechanic some money, couldn't be confirmed by the mechanic as he said he didn't recognise him as that chap.
Rampton is a high security nasty looney bin and is totally isolated and immune from public scrutiny. What went on in there god only knows. If you can give people false identities to protect them in the future, it follows you can fit someone up on bogus charges, if you want to.
Was it not the Queen or Queen mum that said this country is ruled by 'forces far greater than you could know"
I'm only playing Devils Advocate so don't have a go at me.