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I thought I might start a thread on emini S&P analysis, as CM obviously does his Dow thread, and its something I'm planning on moving to soon (hopefully). Obviously the week ends today but what the heck.

I've attached a chart of yesterday, using Fibonacci and basic TA rules, with volume and RSI.

Comments and input welcome - I know there are some emini "veterans" on the site, perhaps you can give your thoughts on my analysis and we can go from there.

You can also find some of this stuff on my website (which is a bit amateur-ish but its only for fun). Feedback welcome, either on here or my own site. http://freespace.virgin.net/matt.vann/rossosroad.htm


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Thx Tom. You got me really intrigued last night with your talk, so I thought I'd do something about it. ;)
Chart attached, showing progressively weaker legs down and stronger legs up in the early part of the day, before a failure of the stronger move leading to a monster short, bouncing off 38% retracement level, then underside of 50% retracement, before finally finding support at 161% of the day's move. Similarly strong up and down legs followed, by another stronger move up, and a weaker leg down to finish the day. Would the next leg up have been equally strong had we not run out of time? Who knows!

Have a good weekend all.


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Thought I'd continue this thread for this week and start a new one next week.

Chart for yesterdays ES futs attached, again using fibs and counting the strength of moves rather than chart patterns.

Good legs up/down early on, stronger legs up and down a little later, and still some good retracements on the various Fib lines. Running the fib line to the HOD later in the day (next chart) shows the price holding above 23.6% retracment (1030.5) at the close.


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Fib lines for the whole day. Will the 23% retracement hold?


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Yesterdays chart shown, with once again pretty good correlation on fib retracements once the temporary highs and lows have been established. Also nice signal of ND at the HOD, combined with a double top and weaker volume on the second peak.

Progressively weaker legs up early on, and stronger legs down again, with two equally stong (2.75 up) retracements later on as the day draws to a close.


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Sorry to those who have been watching this thread : been so busy last few days organising my imminent departure from these shores I havent had time for any charts other than my own.

Will post again when I'm able. :cool:
Measured move on ES 24 September

Today on ES saw the completion of a head & shoulders pattern formed over the last nine days.

I am always amazed how spooky it is when the measured move works SO well - 22.75 points on the first drop, and just half a point less (22.25 points) on the second drop.

But there is tomorrow to get that last half a point as ES has still not made a bottom yet. :cheesy:

The following chart is ES 30 minute, annotated to show the head and shoulders and the measured move from the 19th September.


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Now that really was a volume spike. Very rare to see one so high - 150,000+ contracts over 10 minutes.

But what with the news (finding weapons-grade uranium in Iran, according to Briefing.com), and going through the magic 1,000 it would certainly set off a few selling programs.


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ESO thanks for that I am not able to see the after hours trading is the S&P still trading down what is it looking like for the open tomorrow ??? Do you think that it will be jacked up at 1000 or will there now be a big sell off as people panic ?? Quite new to this so any advice would be most welcome