Elliott Wave Analyzer


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Is any one familair with this software, claims are supposed to be as good as (one can get to) the holy grail. I will appreaciate any views as to the requirements and other hidden costs involved in setting this up for UK trading.

many thanks for reading this and your feed back.
hehe, let us know where we can see examples and I'm sure that someone will give their views.
Not too keen on Holy Grail stuff. Most of it is oversold by the makers and it dosen't match it's cliams. Most chart packages are variations on mavs anyway, and you don't need to pay for the software to point out the buys and sells in my view. You only have to look for yourself.
As for Elliot waves, always found them to be too open to different analysis.

Holy grails

Hi F.
By all means explore the world of charting packages but bear in mind that simple is usually best; whether trading off support/resistance, moving averages etc.

No software will predict the Future, it's all down to interpretation and that quality of intuition honed by actual trading experience.

You do not say if you are a beginner, however, you might consider spread betting with pennies on Finspreads. When you can make a consistent profit doing that then you are ready for the main shark pool :)

Good Luck