Elliot and Gann EXposed : Part Deux

Are Lord Jamla's seminars the answer to modern man's problems???

  • No I don't think so, I enjoy being a sheep, BAAAHHH

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  • Hmmm maybe but I am too scared to become part of the awakened minroity

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  • He sounds interesting but kinda strange, much like a sheep fears a shepherd

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  • Unquestionably, Lord Jamla has taken me to higher spiritual and financial plane.

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Thou aren't clever enough to answer any of the questions which were addressed, hiding your inabilities behind ridicule and humour. To enliven debate one needs feedback of which I can't see any here. Now to answer your questions, I am well versed in Elliott waves - indeed I have the E-wave bible and have made some astounding predictions based on it. Yet I soon realised, after throwing away my rose-tinted glasses, that 70% of the time a chart can fit numerable e-wave patterns or no pattern at all. Which means one is up the proverbial creek if one is limited to that technique. No one could answer why the wave gurus missed the biggest bull market of all time whilst economics students at uni (of which I was one at the time), were making 25K in a month.
Addressing Gann, well let me tell you all that literally a 12-year old kid could use this method, it's a simple method of algebra, an intellectual mind like mine does not even require a calculator for this one. Again we only here the success stories on this one - I challenge anyone here to name a way Gann has helped them make money. One rule of Gann is that if a share falls below half of it's all time high, then it will never recover. Yet in the 1920's , when the Dow frequently halved and doubled in the space of a year, numerous shares broke this rule.
Why are people so skeptical about broker upgrades, but so un-skeptical about the people selling these systems - THEY"RE DOING THE SAME THING. Yet it is inevitable that the majority of folk will lose money. Why?? - well if we make money it's the banks money we take and hence they will lose money. Now I don't think they nor our dear government want all our big banks losing monies do they. Won't do much for the economy will it - banks going bust and the like.
I wish I could tell you, (the sheep) the way to unlock yourselves from following the herd, most of you are doing it without even knowing it, we are all programmed form birth to follow society in fashion, values etc etc and must atune our minds to think independently. I can not unveil the secrets of doing this as I am bound by contractual agreements in my seminar.
I'm going to bite...

Lord Jamla,

So whats your solution of "freeing the masses" ?

Are you offering the "holy grail" them ?

oddly enough I agree with some of this waffle - many people are preprogrammed to lose, and EW/Gann is just one method that people with a particular bent can use to make money.... many can't perhaps, that doesn't render them invalid, it means that trading for profit involves more from the user than merely following a set of rules - not that most people DO follow rules if they set them!
I don't see anything constructive in the post though - are you on some sort of crusade to make yourself god, or has some swine swapped your medication for placebos?
You lot still laughing now are you?!!?!?? Thought not - you've all just been stopped out on your shorts for yet another loss. Good thing I ain't into this Gann lark, cuz if I was I wouldn't have longed the index at 3297 yesterday. Stop is at 3,300. ALL THE SHEPHERDS WERE AWAITING FOR THIS LEVEL, while the sheep thought 3,450 was key. It wasn't and isn't. I'll let you lot know how much I make.

Toodle Pip
Who needs Gann or Jamla

What a load of old toffee.
3 points from emini short,
and 4 points from emini long and rising.

NO - I do not use Gann, Elliott or Jamla. All you need is on this board.

Bit like a recipe - try a bit, mix a few portions and see what cooks.

Tootle loo

Whats Lord Jamla on?

Lets see some substance rather than I don't use GANN or Elliot.

I'll let you into a secret. I've always thought GANN and Elliot are worthless methods so <b>I also don't use them.</b>

Elliott has it's uses in deriving targets and from that deducing whether a move is going to continue or fail. Apart from that, trade what you see..... Works every time on the DOW. 300 points in the last 2 days. no losers.
Is it me or is Lord Jambalaaaaa shy


You still havent answered my questions -

So whats your solution of "freeing the masses" ?

Dont be shy - I'm willing to listen.

You want to see substance. Well, look at the old share comp and you'll see The Lord is in the top 10 (out of 100) and is currently up 5K in 2 and a half weeks. All before your very own eyes. One just needed to copy the trades identically and one could have also pocketed the cash. I also told you I had a long Ftse position ( at 3297) when FTSE was near 3580, could've had 140 odd points there if you'd followed me. How 'bout you Neil fancy the old share comp do you, but I warn you they don't allow hindsight trades so you might have to try and predict tings BEFORE THE EVENT.

So wut will it be , tea or coffee?????
Roger, here's a little trick for you, when you is awaiting a level. 3,300 was the key. When it hit I phoned me broker and FTSE, being the kind old sole it is, kindly plummetted further, hence giving me a buy price of 3297 - with a stop at 3200. When me FTSE rose above I moved me stop up to 3,300. This is how you make 450 odd points in days. Pretty basic stuff. I do not dislike everyone here who are defacing me because::

Identity Revealed?

when you is awaiting a level. 3,300 was the key.....I phoned me broker.......When me FTSE rose above I moved me stop up to 3,300.....etc

Is Lord Jamla actually Ali G?

Henry - you are doubting Lord Jamal - he will strike you down from the tenth block of his humble abode (or Nelson Mandela House in Peckham) ..
Lord Jamla,

You seem keen to polarize views on these boards and assert that there's only one 'right' way to trading success - which appears to be your way (although you are less keen to explain exactly what 'your way' is). One only has to look at geo-political events to see what happens when views become polarized and people (or countries) become entrenched in their positions. For me, the one thing that I like MOST about T2W and those who contribute to these boards is that, for the most part, their minds remain open to the ideas and views expressed by others, even if said views are contrary to their own. As for Gann, Marc Rivalland (author of Swing Trading) seems to do pretty well - having adapted his methods. Proof surely, if it were needed, that there is no right or wrong way to trading success? It's horses for courses and down to each individual to decide what does or doesn't work for them. One thing is for sure, polarizing views is not helpful to anyone.

timsk said:
Lord Jamla,

The one thing that I like MOST about T2W and those who contribute to these boards is that, for the most part, their minds remain open to the ideas and views expressed by others, even if said views are contrary to their own.


I agree with this quote and i've smiled at Lord J,it has to be a wind-up.

"I phoned me broker" I think that one line says it all.

I would love to see some one scalping the first 15 mins of the Nasdaq open by phoning his broker.
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Closed me FTSE long for near 500 points. Naz the reason I phoned my broker, I do have access to electronic live trading, EBS machines - which I doubt you know what they, are used for arb trading ( do you know what that is), is because I have contacts in the city and I like to let them know of my movements and get the latest information.
As for polarizing views the reason I have closed myself off from gann and e-waves is because no-one can answer the clear discrepancies i have raised about the matter. The clear thing for everyone to see here is that I am able to answer all of your questions, yet none of you can answer mine. All i get is one bedroom flat, and drunk jokes from you sheep. Have any of you got the guts to take part in the share comp - No - bcoz you cannot compete with me. The reason I can't teach you is because I am bound by agreements to my seminar team. If you want to know how to make 500 points of FTSE and 4K on comp, then you will have to be there in June.

"The clear thing for everyone to see here is that I am able to answer all of your questions, yet none of you can answer mine. "

I still wonder why you wont or cant answer my original question LJ ?

... and you STILL can't spell shepherd.
Simply BEING here is a filtering system, so with all due respects to the sage of peckham, grow up :)
I'd personally like to extend my thanks to Sharkey here, as a point often overlooked when designing a 'modern e-village' is that 'every village needs one'. No doubt 4,000 and beyond will soon follow, once the ADVFN subscribers all realise there's only one loony on the whole of T2W ;)
Lord J, please settle a small argument for me if you will - (it's really a question of status, I suppose) - are you the ambassador, or merely an advance scout?
Warren Buffet - 'The Sage of Omaha'
Lord Jamla - 'The Sage of Peckham'
- nuff said <g>

From Dave, who has more than the average number of doorknobs. Or something like that anyway,

'Come to me all you Shepherds, for 'tis time to get the flock outa here'