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Is there anyone here that has used or is using the charting package from Gann Management ?

There service is quite comprehensive with support, analysis of chart requests, alerts, recommendations and training.

Gann works on the the theory that charts are mathematical in there nature and not at all random (excl. noise) a bit like Pythagoras theory.

There charting platform is very unique, in that it only deals with gann principles and nothing else. And allegedly the best around.

They say they have one of the best EOD data sets in the world.

The analysis is predictive in nature and doesn't use conventional TA like support and resistance levels or volume and indicators, you will find none of them on there platform.

So I think to solely use gann you need to have faith in it.

There advanced analysis includes features they have developed themselves that gann would not have available to him in his day without a computer, but features they believe he would of approved of.

These include Gann Angles, G levels, Squares and Percentages.

To the eye its all impressive stuff but is it worth the £4,000+ per year price tag !!!

And thats not a typo thats per year, i say again over £4,000 PER YEAR i kid you not and there's no discounts like you see from other companies.

Prices are all relative and if there system makes me £20,000 its not a bad price.

This is not a plug for them but if you are going to the IX Investor Expo there main man Fred Stafford will be there and is well worth a listen. Better than the likes of DW any day.

I would be very interested in comments from people that have used the software.

Can i ask that if you haven't seen the software please do not post on this thread unless you know of any users.

Thankyou. :eek: :rolleyes: :p

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If it is that good then there must be some users who would be prepared to come forward and recommend it. So I would look across several trading forums for that before parting with any cash.


For what its worth, I looked into this mob about 10 years ago. I Personally interviewed Fred Stafford as I was working on an Investment Publication at the time.

Yes, admittedly the scope and detail of their database is excellent, although I do have some mis-givings regarding the effectiveness of their techniques and the cost involved.

At the company presentation, the analysis (presented by Fred's son) seemed to concentrate on 25/33/50% retracement levels and the density grouping of them to provide support and resistance.

For my money, nothing which can't be done in Excel or VB6. If you can't program VB, then learn - do you reckon Larry Williams can't program his computer ?

'Nuff Said.
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The G

Sounds like you didn't get your hands on the software

I think your find its moved on along way in the last 10 years

There's alot more to gann than just retracements

i cant say i've ever seen a good excel chart
i use VB but to write a good charting package takes a pro

if you think its that easy then i bet you to write such a good package and if you can then do it and i'll pay you a few squid for it

But.... i do take your point about the cost... how much would it cost for a professionally written charting package ?

not forgetting the cost of all the data

What is this pre-occupation with charts ?

TA doesn't have to be displayed on charts - just use the numbers and rules for the signals and forget about the coloured lines....

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Further, to my mind anything which cannot be quantified cannot be called 'technical'.

And if it can't be quantified, how can you test it's historical value ?

And if you can't test its historical value, how can you attempt to evaluate your potential edge ?

The General.
What the hell you going on about mate !!!

There are 2 branches of TA

Charting & Statistical Analysis and i use both

Back up what you are stating or tell us what you are smoking !!!

You are a new member to this forum and we have no information about you
your background, your trading experience or even what planet your on

Please make a valid point that is clear, concise and understandable that is verifiable and not just conjecture

The General said:
TA doesn't have to be displayed on charts - just use the numbers and rules for the signals

please explain your rules for signals

and btw welcome to T2W


Simple point - chart reading is (by definition) not technical as it is not quantifiable. Two people drawing two different trend lines - nothing technical in that.

My second point was also simple - if you cannot do at least a little back-testing, then how can you even approach something in terms of perceived risk reward ?

Work the numbers and forget about non-testable patterns on a chart.

Also, a free tachnical anlysis (for Excel and VB) is available.

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You never answered my question


"Also, a free tachnical anlysis (for Excel and VB) is available."

explain / reveal source

In answer to your question - my signals do not come from one 'system' but from whatever 'system' fits the current situation. I realise this sounds weird to you, but this is the truth.

Also, I missed a word from my last comment - I meant to say an open source Excel/VB Technical Analysis LIBRARY is available. The link is:

With this you get around 40 technical indicators / studies which can be used right away.

Hope this clarifies.

The General.
There advanced analysis includes features they have developed themselves that gann would not have available to him in his day without a computer, but features they believe he would of approved of.

These include Gann Angles, G levels, Squares and Percentages.

You don't need a computer to draw a chart with Gann Angles on, just square charting paper. supply this.

If you want to learn about Gann forget the £4000 package. For something so expensive it does not do planetary cycles or Square of Nine which is a very important part of Gann analysis.

Get yourself a copy or Traders World magazine which is Gann focused and start investigating.

Gann courses can be purchased at
Looks like that link is for developers of charting packages
So it may be easier than first imagined

But that still doesnt answer my question about rules for signals

The General said:
TA doesn't have to be displayed on charts - just use the numbers and rules for the signals and forget about the coloured lines....
Oh yea there good links arent they Les B

A course in australia for 3,000 Ausy $

and a site that says they made a million in 6 months
on the doubling of the oil price

that would mean a contract size of half a million

margin of anything between 10 and 50 K

so a 10% move against would mean a $50,000 drawdown

very good examples for the average trader !
ugh hummm!

excuse me while i go back to the original discussion:

I've had experience of this company, and certainly have found their methodology to be quite intriguing, especially the son's (gary's) analysis.

I remember attending a lecture by fred in feb/march 2000 when fred predicted the coming of a long bear market - which we now know has been proved to be the case.

I would highly recommend people going to IX-Expo to at least attend this lecture, and report any relevant comments here - i for one would be very interested.

Personally, whilst I do wish i could afford their software, unfortunately i can't. However, does anyone here know of any charting package that would add / subtract percentages from arbitrary points on the charts? Typically, these points would be the highs or lows of the day.

Any suggestions on the above would be greatly appreciated.

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A spreadsheet would do that. Let me know what you want and if you have excel, I will see if I can do a spreadsheet. There are free programs around if you don't have excel but I haven't tried them.

Les Battersby,

They were quick giving you those warning points!
hey BB - many thanks for your quick reply. I'll email you the kind of thing I want.

I am with Gml /ids:
Fred stafford is a down to earth man and if u talk to him reasonably he will give u a discount as well.Also u can have a 2week free trial activated for their zenith service.Their seminars in Bredbury are free of charge and freemeals included.There is no high pressure salesship involved.
I have used their system for a couple of years and it has been very profitable for me well worth the 3750 plus vat. ( igot it at 50%dicount)
From Jan2004 they will be doing intraday as well by tony zafar (md) on all the major indexes etc.


whilst your original question was to the point and valid - " if anyone is making money with this - let me know" - it is real doubtful anyone is gonna cough up a 3 yr P&L to prove they are making money with it - so it'll be real hard for you to get a realsitic answer

i have not used to software - but was invited to chat about it at a show - and stood by while someone else was shown elements of it

the fact is that gann, fibonnaci, smas, trend lines etc etc can all be shown to work - because they work when they work - a bearsish head and shoulders only becomes a bearish head and shoulders if the right shoulder fails - otherwise the right shoulder is just a pull back to prior support and a good place to go long again, and remember that for all technical analysis - all this is occuring in multiple time frames all with different results

so you set stops to protect yourself - and of course - you risk getting chewed up as stops get hit over and over

find a pro who trades off anything except price and volume - and of course they are technical, but i guess you woudl have to call them "trading technical" - all the other sort of technical stuff was just invented for trainers, book writers et al to make money from the uninitiated

but hey - if anyone posts something about a system, program, training etc - and backs it up with a positive 3 yr P&L - i'll be first in line for the easy life and happily change my view