ECBOT on TS2000i with IB & hyperserver?


So I'm just in the process of setting up a new install of Tradestation 2000i, using hyperServer to pull in the quotes from IB TWS. That part seems to be going OK. But, of course, today was the day that YM was moved from A/C/E to Ecbot. It doesn't work if I leave the exchange as 'cbot', and I can't see how to add ecbot. So am I missing something obvious, or is this combination not going to be handle cbot futures after the conversion to ecbot?

Hi Riddle,
I have same problem where i cant load ES (globex) and Ym now on ECBOT,i sent query to Hyper support and below is the reply.I cant quite work out though,have a look ,hope it helps

If I understood situation correctly TWS ACE market has separated on two ACE
and ECBOT. If so you need have two lines with two accordances in "IB
ExchangesCross.txt" cross file, located on "C:\Program Files\Common
Files\Vendor DataFeeds\InteractiveBrokers" path.
Old accordance is "CBOT=ACE" row. It will be for symbols like ZN & ZB.
For YM (and probably SP) you have to decide which exchange in GlobalServer you're going to
link with TWS ECBOT one. For example you can use "UNDEF", in such case
you'll have to insert "UNDEF=ECBOT" in "IB ExchangesCross.txt".
Chosen exchange have to be unique! You cannot use same exchange in more then
one accordances!
And, of course, do not forget to change exchange in existent in your
portfolio YM symbols.

HyperTrader Support Team

Yup, that's the same response I got, word for word. It is hopeful, but, alas, didn't help me. I actually made the change to 'CBOT=ECBOT', since all of CBOT will be switched over soon enough anyways, but no joy.

My ES is working, more or less, though. (Wasn't impressed that there was 'no data available' today, though.) Trading symbol "ESZ3". Were they working before, or is this a new install?

I guess I'll have to email them again and see what else they can offer. Luckily quotetracker just keeps working right.