Dual listed shares...


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Hi Rizgar,

Have had a search for a list on the web, but alas I cannot find anything. You'd have thought someone would have compiled a list.


ps. Well done for being the no.1 poster on the BB!! See the Feedback forum for a list of the top 10.


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Thanks Pigsy...I am honoured..and have no doubt that any of us deserves to be included in top 10...

As for the dual listed shares..if we don't find a link we'll start listing them here ourselves...




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more links

Thanks Skim and you're right that link doesn't cover them all..here is another one which gives more epics..there are still some missing such as bhm (bkhm)...but we'll keep searching I find it important, as normally in the morning I check how the shares I am going to follow that day perform in the US overnight...very useful and I suggest other members do the same if they are not already doing it..

best wishes



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