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Good evening all,I have a query to those of you who are technically minded.I currently have a DSL flat rate which in theory has a 768/128 down/upstream rate.If I was to up rate this to a DSL 1500 tariff which has again in theory a 1536/192 down/upstream rate,when I press SELL/BUY would my order be filled out more quickly :)
My second question bieng here in Germany one can purchase something called Fastpath which is supposedly a Turbo for T-DSL,the ping time goes from 68 to 28 milliseconds(way above my head) will this speed up my BUY/SELL orders????????????
Fastpath so I have read is mainly for gamers with this increase in Ping speed,but if it increases my order speeds then its for Traders.

Regards PeterB


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Question 1 -no. What you are confusing is bandwidth and speed. Bandwidth accomodates a quantity of data against a timescale. If you upgraded you could download/upload larger quantities of data quicker. The main advantage of adsl is its "always on" quality which means instant access to sites without the dial up delay. The amount of data needed to transmit an order is miniscule in comparison to the theoretical bandwith you potentially have available with adsl. Whether you truly have it is of course another story. That depends on the contention rate and usage of your isp service and other factors across the internet over which you have no control.

Question 2 - I have no knowledge of Fastpath but two things spring to mind - you are quoting a theoretical gain which in practice is likely to be much lower. The maximum benefitis 40ms for the double journey from your machine to the other end and back. So the maximum theoretical single journey gain is 20 ms. Given that there are 1000ms in a second I don't think even this theoretical gain will give you much of an edge.

You don't mention the extra cost involved but I would think hard before indulging in gamers fantasies. Gaming is one of the most demanding uses of the internet as it consumes large bandwidths and huge number crunching capacity - especially in relation to screen display



Thank you very much for your informative reply.I was just looking at getting my orders filled a little quicker in the hope of locking in a few cents more.
I shall think long and hard it would not have helped today I did manage to pull in .43 cents on TSS.in 6 minutes but not having $25000 I am restricted to this 3 times only selling,never mind one day I shall get there.

Best regards PeterB


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PB - To give you an example. I'm running a 512/128 DSL connection.

I wanted to place 2 trades via 2 separate SBs this afternoon - but needed to hit the buy/sell as closely together as possible.

IG Index filled with no perceptable delay.

CMS took 15 seconds, THEN asked me to requote. About 25 seconds in all.

My point is, it doesn't matter what your connection speed is, the different platforms you use to execute your trade, that dealers server traffic and a whole host of other factors will make the trade execution service times a rather random exercise.

Of course, AFAIK, this does not apply to DA setups.
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