Dow this week


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Looks like the comp hasn't been set to run... we'll just have to wait till Sharky sorts it.Sorry.
Hi Sharky, can you please post the FULL RULES for the Dow Competition, as I cannot find them, only the rules for the Share Comp appear to be available, and of course speculation of other members as to what they think the rules for the Dow Comp are.

Regards Twiggy two
STill cant access this week`s competition - is there a problem???

.... and am i really a "Junior Member"..... at 52?????!!!!! (DId i fill something in wrongly? .... or is it "Junior" as in "fairly new on here???"
I dont think the Dow comp is running this week because Sharky is on hols.

You become a "senior" once you've got over 100 posts to your name ;)
Hi g.j.a

The dow competition should be up and running again next week.
Subject to Sharky coming back off holiday :cheesy:

Rossored is correct, you will be a senior member after 100 posts. There is something in between though :)
Hi all,

The DOW competition is now back up and running. Sorry about the mix up last week - I'd tried to automate whilst I was gone, but it didn't work unfortunately. So we'll treat this week as week 4 of the competition instead. Best of luck to everyone.
Hi Crazy Guy,

Are you sure about that? Since we don't have you down for any points on Week 3. Bear in mind last week, which was supposed to be Week 4 didn't happen and all predicitons were void - perhaps you're referring to that week? Please let me know.