Dow Nasdaq market internals data feed


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1st post - hope someone can help.

I mainly trade the Dow index on an intraday basis with mixed results from the various tech analysis tools available. I have had most success with an RSI and MACD indicator of my own design.

I would like to try analysis using market internals data i.e. A/D ratios, but need a real-time intraday data source for this. If you want to see exactly the sort of information go to

I have tried to use this MSN page but think that it is not real-time with probably 5 minutes delay. So does anyone know of a provider of these data or I can take the info from a web page [Like the MSN one] using my own screen capture and OCR decode program. [That's what I do to get the Dow index spread bet price].

I have had a look at the links to data providers mentioned in these pages but have not seen a service which offers this 'internals' data. Surely someone else must have come up against this problem?

Your help and comments are much appreciated.


Yes thanks that's a great help. [Why didn't I see that?].

I also found the info in for what looks like ~$10 p.m.

My initial search was for 'market internals' or 'AD ratio' which was clearly the wrong approach. Never though they would have thier own symbol.

Thanks once again and keep up the good work!