Dow/FTSE Trades


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R1 P S1
9273 9221 9152

9274 (=R1+1) 9167 (=S1+15)


R1 P S1

9236 9201 9165

9238 (=R1+2) 9180 (=S1+15)

These are the last two days I can find. Hope that helps but I wouldn't waste time on this as there are better ways to loose your money :)
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...hmm today's numbers for the DOW are BUY 9619 and SELL 9493.

Today's R1 = 9628, so +2 = 9630; S1 = 9454, +15 = 9469

Big differences today away from the +2/+15 theory. I've signed up for the month's free trial and I'm using Fins. So far it's profitable, but to be honest I'm not really happy trading a 'black-box' system and won't be signing up for £60/month.


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Thanks BB,

Chow, you may have the same problem as I did. My data was wrong, after I used downloadquotes, metioned on this thread, my figures matched BB's findings. I was using yahoo's data b4.



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I get today's R1 as 9618 and S1 as 9477 using data from

Are you using Yahoo data? They calculate the high and low a different way and it will give the wrong pivot points.

Edit, looks like I was too slow replying :)


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Interesting that the chinese numbers links page lists other message boards but not this one - maybe they don't want potential clients to read this thread???


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Anyone figured the Chinex yet?
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