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There are also two values used for the dow. One is "real" one is theoretical.( Don't ask- just accept it!") About 50 odd points between the two at times.....


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I was reading somewhere that the dow prices on yahoo and bigcharts differs from the ones on iii. Why is this I dont understand between why one is real and other therotical?


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The yahoo high and low price for the Dow 30 is based on the high and low of all of the 30 companies. As they are not at the high or low at the same time, it is different from the index high/low.

Hope you can make sense of that!


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You mentioned the free months trial that you were using. How did you get on with the trial and what were your conclusions?



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I had a look at their results. Their long entry points for the Dow seems to be the first resistance point using the pivot system (R1) +2. Their short entry seems to be the first support (S1) +16.

I am not sure why anyone would want to pay them to do that when they could do it for free.

To check this out for yourself, use this pivot point calculator:-

Personally I think their results are unachievable as they calculate them using the maximum possible points gained on each day. In practice, this is not possible, unless you know the high and low of the day before trading. If you knew that, you wouldn't need a trading system!

I also think it would be hard to trade this system using a spread better, as the minimum gain of 10 points would be taken up by the spread and any quote bias.


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I agree its not worth paying for but was just curious how someone using that particular system would perform over period of 4-5wks.


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Just had an email advert trying to flog me this system. Is there a place where I can complain about these people? It is clear to see that their results are not possible and all they are doing is selling pivot points plus a fixed factor that they add on.


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Great thread guys, I also received this email and impressed by the speed at which T2W has disected it!!


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Big Business is 100% correct in his analysis in that they use S1 and P1 pivot points and add or subtract a fixed factor.

I followed them for 3 weeks and simulated trades on Tradindex with a dummy account (nothing like trading with real hard cash though). Results were pretty random and the kind of trading style they advocate is implausible in the extreme. They also state maximum point gains even when the opening gapped above their buy price. Misleading some would say. :(

Leave well enough alone



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Sent them a short Email today and the reply doesn't make any sense to me. Sounds like a bluffer to me!

Hi Fran

I think you are being a tad unfair. Why don't you back test our figures
using them as pivotal points. Let see which system produces most points .

Best regards


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> I don't particularly fancy paying you for what amounts to pivot points
> with an arbitrary number added on (+2 and +16 perhaps?) when I can find
> them out for myself free. Your system seems to be unrealistically
> optimised and I think you should not be selling it in its present form.
> Sincerely,
> Fran


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Hope you don't mind me asking, but I've been desperately trying to correlate the numbers between the pivot points and what Paul sends out but I can't seem to get your pattern between R1 & S1 on the DOW.

Am I using the correct formula's:-

Pivot Point = (H+L+C)/3
R1 = (2*PP) - L
S1 = (2*PP) - H

Thanks in advance,
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