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Big Business is 100% correct in his analysis in that they use S1 and P1 pivot points and add or subtract a fixed factor.

I followed them for 3 weeks and simulated trades on Tradindex with a dummy account (nothing like trading with real hard cash though). Results were pretty random and the kind of trading style they advocate is implausible in the extreme. They also state maximum point gains even when the opening gapped above their buy price. Misleading some would say. :(

Leave well enough alone

Sent them a short Email today and the reply doesn't make any sense to me. Sounds like a bluffer to me!

Hi Fran

I think you are being a tad unfair. Why don't you back test our figures
using them as pivotal points. Let see which system produces most points .

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> I don't particularly fancy paying you for what amounts to pivot points
> with an arbitrary number added on (+2 and +16 perhaps?) when I can find
> them out for myself free. Your system seems to be unrealistically
> optimised and I think you should not be selling it in its present form.
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Hope you don't mind me asking, but I've been desperately trying to correlate the numbers between the pivot points and what Paul sends out but I can't seem to get your pattern between R1 & S1 on the DOW.

Am I using the correct formula's:-

Pivot Point = (H+L+C)/3
R1 = (2*PP) - L
S1 = (2*PP) - H

Thanks in advance,
R1 P S1
9273 9221 9152

9274 (=R1+1) 9167 (=S1+15)


R1 P S1

9236 9201 9165

9238 (=R1+2) 9180 (=S1+15)

These are the last two days I can find. Hope that helps but I wouldn't waste time on this as there are better ways to loose your money :)
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...hmm today's numbers for the DOW are BUY 9619 and SELL 9493.

Today's R1 = 9628, so +2 = 9630; S1 = 9454, +15 = 9469

Big differences today away from the +2/+15 theory. I've signed up for the month's free trial and I'm using Fins. So far it's profitable, but to be honest I'm not really happy trading a 'black-box' system and won't be signing up for £60/month.
Thanks BB,

Chow, you may have the same problem as I did. My data was wrong, after I used downloadquotes, metioned on this thread, my figures matched BB's findings. I was using yahoo's data b4.

I get today's R1 as 9618 and S1 as 9477 using data from

Are you using Yahoo data? They calculate the high and low a different way and it will give the wrong pivot points.

Edit, looks like I was too slow replying :)
Interesting that the chinese numbers links page lists other message boards but not this one - maybe they don't want potential clients to read this thread???
Not worth the money erin, you can get pivot point info for free by working 'em out yourself!