DOW Close


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I don't wish to be a prty pooper, but my paper shows the DOW closing at 9862, not 9775 this week.

Is my paper wrong, or, is the comp wrong. :?: I noticed that the current price had not changed all week.
Does your paper show the closing price or the price as of mid-day?
Neil, the price is in the Mail on Sunday and shows it as the closing price. No idea if this is correct, but no-where does it mention any other time.
Yes Orchard, I've bought it to the attention of Sharky but he hasn't seen it yet. The dow Comp results are all incorrect in my opinion......Oh Dear. :(
I am still waiting for Sharky to reply to my post to him last Sat 6th Dec about his Dow contest results that are incorrect as the Dow closed at 9862.68 on Friday 5th dec ,WAKE UP SHARKY!
Sorry folks, been playing catch up since I got back from a trip away. Working on the competition as we speak, should have it all fixed before end of play today.
Now fixed. Because not only last Friday's dow close was wrong but the one from the previous week was also (slightly) room, I've recalculated everyones scores based on their predictions, so some people's direction may have changed, but this is the fairest way to do it. I've also fixed the problem with the data feed, that hasn't been working ever since we upgraded the database server last week, and partially the friday before (hence the friday close being wrong). Will keep an eye on it tomorrow just to ensure its running smoothly again.