Dow 07/08/01


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Wrong again:( time to give up this lark...The trend break held this time to end 55 pts to the good, having bounced down off 464 for the nth. time.I suppose if I cry wolf enough times,one will eventually appear.


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Hi Chartman,

It's neither you nor your system, it's just the current market sentiment, unpredictable by any can look bullish and bearish and therefore rubbish on the same day, no trend at the moment, everyone is scared and nervous, neither the bulls nor the bears are confident enough to commit in the market, causing light volumes lately, we have to be very careful, but still keep working on it, eh?



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It was a bit tongue in cheek really.......I agree, the market is in limbo.Nevertheless, I still like to think that I can get the general direction right...still, he who calls it right every day hasn't been born yet and I find it a never ending challenge and continual brain teaser. Beats doing the times crossword too.:)
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