Doubling the bankroll every 3 months with Sports Betting?


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I have been trading stocks for 4 years. Well technically buying and holding. Since i started my portfolio grew 50%. All long term stocks and I haven't sold a single stock that I bought yet. In a span 1 month, Corona Virus ate all my gain from 4 years and some more. I was doing some research since then and landed on an interesting article stock market vs sports betting and line there caught my attention: "The biggest advantage for sports bettors is that their performance is recession proof since it solely depends on their ability to handicap the game and find edge. That means the capital will be unaffected from stock market crash and can still bring in steady income during poor economic periods. "

I am curious if any of you here who does stock trading, also do sports betting. If so, i would love hear your experience. The money management article at bettingresource explains a compounding strategy where you trade no more than 3% of the bankroll on a game and by doing this the bankroll can be doubled on average every 3 months. Upon further research elsewhere I read that most sports trading or betting places have limits on how much you can trade/bet per game and these limits are lowered if you happen to be successful. Does this mean that if you are successful in sports betting, your potential to invest large amounts has a low ceiling?
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That's when friends come in useful to spread the bets if the company is nervous.


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I believe it depends on the people who "eat" the market. For sure, a lot of people likes to take bigger income from the market. However, I believe that it's a lot better to have a nice source of income and I believe that the closest source is a casino. Yeah, a casino that has reputable standing on the online casino market allows using legal operations which are based on gambling licenses issued by authorized bodies. In my opinion, the best thing that makes my life better is slots not on gamstop. I feel lucky with slots, since I like how I spend my personal time on the slots that makes me rich...
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Can you please elaborate?
Just supposing that one is a whizz at sport betting and therefore gets limited by the betting company, one's friends could fill the gap.
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