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Hello everyone, I see that here are a lot of members with at least "long" experience with investing and that make me happy.

My name's David and I am a former football player but mostly I've been playing in lower divisions for 1200£-1300£ per week. I've meet a lot of players who was interesting or interested sports betting and I need to say, that now it's my new hobby. I like this and I want to share with you my predictions.

I think that sports betting is similar to trade investments but you need to know all this things about bankroll, strategy and staking system.

Why me? Because I am different than other tips services who sell their bets - they watch mostly public informations, statistics and odds and usually know very small about the situation in club - I know more, sometimes more than bookies because of my former job. Today I have a lot of contacts in Europe - I want use it in Bet365. Follow me and wish me good luck.
Ireland 1. Division
Limerick 37 vs. Shelbourne
Reccomend: Under 2.5 (Total Goals) # 1.57 in Bet365
Stake: 50GBP​

It should be a typical balanced game of fight. Limerick at home likes play defensively and the same should be in this meeting because unavailable will be few players from offensive line (few midfielders and striker). The second reason is the current position in ranking of Shelbourne - they are in 1. place, so the coach of Limerick knows if his team will open too much, can lose more than 2 goals. While guests also can't play open because can lose goal after fast counter attacks of Limerick. The safiest option seems to be carefully match to max 1 goal and typical safe tactics.
Welcome. You should get a Betfair account. Do you have one? I can get you a free £25 bet. PM me. :D
Canada Soccer League
Serbian White Eagles vs. Windsor Border Stars
Reccomend: Serbian W.E. (Asian Handicap -1.5, -2) # 2.075 in Bet365
Stake: 120GBP​

I remember Serbian from the previous season when they were a strong favourite to take a title but have lost in quarter final of Play-offs with Brantford Galaxy. In this season the things are the same and the place which they should take should be between 1-3. Their composition is very solid, there are players from Canada, Croatia, Brazil and Serbia mostly. Windsor Stars is a new team in this year, in February had training camps where they tested players to club but current effects are very bad - their balance 1-0-7, in the last 6 games lost everything. Tonight will be their 3 meeting on road as for the all week they weren't at home and sleep in a hotel. I think this bet is worth of risk 120 pounds but remember that for me 120GBP mean something different because of my bankroll so bet with your brain. Good luck
Limerick [0:3] Shelbourne​
That was so close, Shelbourne scored 2 goals in the last 10 minutes of the game, who knows what could be if Frost (Limerick) wouldn't get a red card...

Serbian White Eagles [1:1] Windsor Border Stars​
Eh... Another unlycky game, what I read Serbian missed a lot of chances: "The last 15 minutes had Sasa Viciknez, Milos Scepanovic, Filip Prostran, Kevin Souter, and Alex Braletic missed chances that would have won it for the White Eagles.[...] White Eagles had by far the most chances in the game but Stars were able to hit a few times with counterattacks." What can I do, Serbian was better team, but missed their chances - it's football.

20/06 International Friendly
Argentina - Albania
Reccomend: Argentina (Asian Handicap -3,5) # 1.70 in Bet365
Stake: 100GBP​

It should be high scoring game as the Albania team will be without 7-8 regular players who was taking a key role in qualifications. As their coach said: "It is an unusual situation when players don't accept an invitation to play. Some of them have even turned their cell phones off". I think it's normal situation as at the moment players are on vacation and take a rest after tough football season. Their tactics will be simple - park a bus in their own half and play with counter attacks but I don't see any chances. While Argentina is preparing to Copa America and behind their fans should want to win it as high as they can.Match will be played in Buenos Aires. This is the most propably squad which should be taken: Sergio Romero - Javier Zanetti, Nicolás Burdisso, Gabriel Milito, Marcos Rojo - Ever Banega, Javier Mascherano, Lucas Biglia - Ezequiel Lavezzi, Lionel Messi and Angel Di María. Good luck
20/06 Sweden: Allsvenskan
Djurgarden vs. Syrianska FC
Reccomend: Djurgarden (Asian Handicap -0.5) # 1.85 in Bet365
Stake: 250GBP​

Even Gods tell me that Djurgarden should win today. Syrianska is new promoted team and in this season should fight for not be relegate, Djurgarden started bad this season but now they have new coach and effects were in the last match (4-0 against solid Goteborg). Now their squad looks even better and a "football trend" tell me that they should catch 3 points. What is football trend ? It's my opinion about players psyche after different results (win or loss). Today they should dominate and result should be 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1 I think. About away team - on the net are information that they have few regular players out with their key goalkeeper.
BP, the best of luck but remember there's plenty of past history to show that footballers and gambling don't make good bedfellows......
U17 World Championship
Burkina Faso U17 vs. Panama U17
Reccomend: Burkina Faso U17 (Asian Handicap -0.5, -1) # 1.875 in Bet365
Stake: 70GBP

The main reason why I bet on African team is different of psyhical strenght between them. It's a big advantage for Burkina Faso. We should remember that Burkina is the current champion of Africa and they're experience in this kind of tournaments. I think that Panama will take the last position in the table. I read also that Panama doesn't have any quality player in front and in this match will use their the best part of formation - defence. Asians dropped but I take it.
Argentina [4:0] Albania +70GBP
Goal in the end of the match make me happy.
Djurgarden [3:0] Syrianska FC +212.50GBP
As I thought. Stake was big as for me but it was worth of risk.
Burkina Faso U17 [0:1] Panama U17 -70GBP
I haven't seen this match but it is a small surprise of tournament.

Balance: 2-0-3
Net Profit: +42.50GBP
21/06 Iceland U19 League
Grindavik U19 vs. Leiknir/KB U19
Reccomend: Leiknir/KB U19 (Asian Handicap 0) # 1.775 in Bet365
Stake: 200GBP​

I've got an information about big problems with squad in Grindavik. Few players were moved to first senior's teams, few players are injured. In the last game they had only 1 or 2 players on the bench. Big bet for tonight. They can't lose it.
Grindavik U19 [1:3] Leiknir/KB U19 +155.00GBP
Balance: 3-0-3
Net Profit: +197.50GBP
23/06 Iceland Women Premier League 19:30
Thor KA Akureyri Women v Afturelding Women
Selection: Thor KA Akureyri Women (Asian Handicap -2) # 2.60 in Bet365
Stake: 75GBP​

Thor after loss in cup with Fylkir 0-1 now should focus on league. Afturelding is a team of the own stadium, on road they're weak. In Iceland where you play it's very important, trip is very tiring. Thor in squad has few experienced players and is at least 1 class better than Afturelding and as my friend told me "the first goal should be scored in the first 15 minutes of the match by Thor and it's should be high scoring game". Just take a look - bet365 offering us this goal line:
Over 3, 3.5 # 1.70
Under 3, 3.5 # 2.10
This help me a lot here because Thor has bigger chances to win it by few goals than guest to not lose so much.
Thor KA Akureyri Women [3:1] Afturelding Women VOID BET
Could be worse... Bad first half, Afturelding scored from the corner, Thor hadn't luck. The second half showed that home team was better and result could be different.
25/06 NORWAY: Tippeligaen 17:00
Aalesund vs. Lillestrom
Selection: Aalesund # 1.85 Bet365
Stake: 80GBP​

It could be my big bet for today but Lillestrom is a team which hard to assess. The main reason why I bet on home team is a small hospital in guest's team - 4 key players are out due to injury and different reasons. Also another 3 players are doubtful. Also home team use synthetic grass, it's advantage for them. I read that players of Lillestron are little tired after cup game and should be more tired after long trip by bus. To Aalesund squad come back 2 players from country team - it will be some kind of help for their coach to put the best 11 today.
26/06 NORWAY: Adeccoligaen
Asker vs. Randaberg
Selection: Asker (Asian Handicap -1, -1.5) # 1.65 Bet365
Stake: 180GBP​

Both teams were promoted from the 2. division. Asker surprised, sits on 5th place and behind the current leader by only 1 point. Hasn't any problems in squad will play at home and will be favourite to take 3 points. What about Randaberg ? Sits on the last position with only 5 points, in Norway trips are tiring, like in Iceland. Also on their homepage they're writing about injured and suspended players, so 2 key defenders Fabiano Kristiansen and Torgeir Motland are suspended due to 3 yellow cards, injured are midfielders: Johan Kärlefjärd and Christoffer Bigseth Olsen. I asked my friend what he think about this meeting: "I think that Randanberg with this problems will mix their defence and almost all squad in every line of formation. Asker feel comfortable and should take 3 points".
26/06 International Match 22:00
Ecuador vs. Mexico U22
Selection: Ecuador (Asian Handicap -1) # 1.80 Bet365
Stake: 90GBP​

I've been following Mexico's team for about 1 week cause I know that they can help to earn "few pounds". In the last match played against Colombia, when people thought that they should lose by 2 goals, they tied this. Why ? Because Mexico played good ? No, because Colombia played bad and Mexico played nothing there. I thought they didn't exist. Today Ecuador will put their best possible 11 with few players famous in European football : midfielders Antonio Valencia, Felipe Caicedo or striker Christian Benítez. Match also will be played in Quito and this will be a very big advatange for Ecuador because it's very hard field for every guest (high attitude). Ecuador should win at least by 2 goals.
Aalesund FK [1:0] Lillestrom SK +68.00GBP
What I read Aalesund could win easily by 2 goals but missed few good chances. So bet was good I could bet by higher stake.
Ecuador [0:1] Mexico -90GBP
I should say wow, Ecuador disappointed me, I didn't expect they will play as poor as they showed yesterday. Mexico made few good chances and I can say they deserved for that. It was friendly game, I should know :(

So, yesterday small minus 22 pounds. Today big bet from Norway 1. Division, I am thinking positvely