Does anyone have experience with "ESP Profit System"


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Hi there,
I am new to this board and have already found quite a few very interesting comments here while getting to know this site.
Recently, I received an add from Oxford Club once again talking about a new superb trading system the "ESP Profit System". I have grown careful about the stuff promissed in those adds and wanted to check if anyone around here has any experience with the service.
Cheers and good trading,



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Well, the short version is, that they will at least double my account in the next 12 months. The rest of the add actually suggests much larger gains. If you want to take a look, I can post the link, but I do not know the policy of this board regarding links to advertisements.



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This is what they claim: It's a computer-based predictive trading system that identifies real time, quantitative patterns in the historical price movement of equities - then uses a set of algorithmic "rules" to predict the future direction of a given stock.
Using vast amounts of historical data and complex programming code, this computer program is able to "forecast" which way a stock is most likely to move based on past trading patterns in similar market conditions - much like giant computers are able to track the future path of a hurricane based on the storm's history. But that's not all.
It's able to take that data and calculate an astonishingly precise and accurate "buy in" price... as well as very specific "target profit prices" the investment is expected to reach... and the timeframe you can expect to wait for your profits.


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How much does the ESP cost?



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ESP Profit System

I'm paper trading with this system before I put any real money into it. While not directly a subsidiary of Oxford Club, it's part of Mt. Vernon Research that offers different advisories. Current cost is around $2000/year BUT you can try it out for 90 days and get your money back if not satisfied. Be careful about taking their promo's too seriously: really no guarantees, just anecdotal "if you had done x and y..." ESP's last two option recommendations were losers; watching the current one. But the big thing is that in order to recoup your subscription fee, you're going to need to buy at least 10 to 20 options at a time to make any real money.


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optionlearner said:
I'm paper trading with this system before I put any real money into it.

Hi, Im new to this forum and noticed that you were paper trading the ESP Profit System. Just wanted to know your most recent thoughts about the system? And could you share with me how it has performed since you started paper trading it?


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Has anybody had any feedback or come to any conclusions on the ESP system? I have just been offered the 60 day free trial and a fixed annual cost of $1900. I guess my main concern is that they would cut and run with my $1900. Otherwise I am tempted to try it out for a month or so paper trading.


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If it is that good then the trial would be entirely free as they would have confidence in their own system. If they want you to comit $1900 then personally I wouldnt.



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$2000 to double your money? If the system is that good, why are they pimping for a paltry amount? Maybe they're philanthropists. Save your money.

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