Does anybody had any experience with Market-Tutors ?

I see they are connected to The Trading Academy that continuously spam me with their great offers. I have to say that claims of making £100K a year by SB worries me somewhat. I know it can be done but there was no mention of the intra-day drawdowns to achieve this level of success.

Personally I dont use SB but if you want a course that is generally well thought of and for which you can get a taster cd before trying visit either


John B who posts on here gives the coaching for this one.

Another good course and relatively inexpensive can be got from

this is run by Aussietrader who also posts on here as well.


"Another good course and relatively inexpensive can be got from

this is run by Aussietrader who also posts on here as well."

The above site is run by Paul Williams,
my question to him is why is the wording on his website almost 100% identical to one of Vince's Stanzione websites???
Hi pbarroso,

Trader333 is correct in that I did actually write the course available on

Paul is a friend and a guy I helped to learn to trade and offered his perspective on the course. I can assure you it is not a VS offering -even if the copywriting is similar - the course is very different. PM me if you have any specific questions.


You will never find me recommending anything that could be considered similar, or likened to, the offerings of VS. Any similarity in the websites is purely coincidental. The reason I recommended the sites I did is because I know of others who have first hand experience of the respective offerings and have been happy with the product and service.

I can personally vouch for the fact that the spread trading secrets is most definately not the same as the vince stanzione workbook.

Having purchased the VS book about a year ago, my attention was drawn to the STS website and I too noticed a remarkable similarity to the VS marketing blurb.

I was sceptical and sought recommendations from members of this board before parting with any cash for the STS book.

The STS book is infinitely better value than the VS offering and I would recommend anyone looking for an EOD system consider purchasing it. The VS book is definately not worth the inflated cost it sells for. I am not sure why the marketing blurb is so similar- maybe one copied from the other?!. Personally, if was toned down, I think it would be more appealing to traders with some experience.
Having just purchased spread trading secrets I'm relieved to find that this is nothing to do with Vince Stanzione.The sales patter from VS is literally word for word the same as that for STS so is VS just charging a fortune for being a copy cat???Confession time-I paid OVER £2500 for a VS training course-yeah I know about fools and their money so this post comes from a fool-in mitigation all I can say is that I was not aware of trade2win site at the time and excellent other courses available.For those not familiar Vince sells it to you on the basis that you have been selected as one of his personal pupils for what could be his last ever course before the evil spread betting companies catch up with him.When you arrive at Milton Keynes you find 70-yes 70 people at a mass seminar and the nitty gritty of trading takes about 1 hour and still leaves many unanswered questions.Just work it ou70x£2500=£175000 with very little lost in expenses-how many people make that from trading?At those rates you are entitled to something approaching 1 to 1 tuition surely.Just to add insult to inury(to your pocket) you then find that the last ever course was nothing of the kind but there is another one next month and the one after that.Oh and by the way he tells you not to get involved in trading chat rooms-wonder why??? In his literature he states "No crying,writing to BBC Watchdog or FSA that you have been mislead it will not wash" Well rightly or wrongly I wont be complaining (plenty of other things to fill my life with) and there may well be no breach of FSA rules but at the very least the advertising is misleading-thats being kind in the extreme.So best advice is be careful who you hand money over to think twice and then twice more but on first read spread trading secrets looks good value even more so now I know that VS not involved
One seminar a month = £2.1M per year + books and courses etc. It is easy to see where claims of being a "millionaire trader" come from but not necessarily through trading of course.

I admire your honesty because admitting to this takes some courage. It never ceases to amaze me just how willing people are to part with large amounts of money for products that are simply not worth the price being paid.

Paul-Ilike to think that my honesty will at least stop others falling into the same trap.If the trading content was good it would not be so bad but I fail to see how it can make you money.He talks about making an average of 10 points a day at £100 per point to give an annual trading return of £250000 but how many are willing or able to bet at that level.At least I have realised my error after the first session-when I attended there were people there who he knew by name so I assume that they had been previously.Of course if I was cynical I might think that they were stooges deliberately planted by VS-perhaps the same ones who write the glowing testimonials in his literature eh???
thank you for being so honest Wanderer....if I can personally help you, just email seems like a big con to claim that 10 points at a £100 a day is may just as well claim that you only need 1 point a day at a £1000 a point....

However, I could be wrong so I would love to hear what he actually taught you, if possible
Those familiar with sound use of money management recommend that you risk no more that 2% and preferably 1% of capital on any given trade. Assuming a 50 / 50 chance of being right then at £100 per point and a 10 point risk, you would need a bank of about £100K to trade this and as you say who would have the nerve to do that ? not me that is for sure.


As you say Paul not many have the nerve to trade at that level-I'd say especially true i f the tuition leaves many unanswered questons which leave you without the confidence to trade feeling that you are heading in the right direction. Sunseeker-your offer of help greatly appreciated-I understand that you run tuition courses which come highly recommended so I'll be in touch by E Mail + with other details requested .
Fortunately, I came across t2w after parting with "only" £250 for his (Vince Stanzione) workbook. I have since been mailed regularly with invites to various seminars costing in the region of £2000 to £2500. The last one was apparently going to be presented by Russel Sands- infamous turtle trader who was going to finally reveal the turtle rules to unsuspecting punters at a cost of £2500. (The same/ similar rules available for free on the internet!!).

The promised support was also pretty dire. I sent a couple of emails asking very specific questions and got very wishy washy answers in reply.

VS is certainly a clever marketeer, and for all I know he could also even be a successful trader as he claims. However, I consider my £250 well and truly wasted and just put it down to a learning experience.

just to put the cat among the pigeons.....i dont know whether the vs seminar is worth the money or not....i wont be going on it as i prefer to learn about trading thru my own study and experience and sites like t2w which will stand me in good stead long term....however the copy statements from vs's spread betting accounts appear to show he does well.....i doubt very much that they are fabricated.....there seems to be alot of anti vs posting on this site but he does appear to put his money where his mouth is.....
Check the dates on them, on the last flyer I got the statements are months apart and there is no consistency in the form of Jan 2003, Feb 2003, Mar 2003 etc. If there was then I might have believed a bit more.

Now call me a cynic but he has more than one SB account in fact he has several (?) and it would be quite easy for me to place a Buy trade with one company and a Sell trade with another on the same instrument so that he would only lose the spread value of the trade but it would look great on the statements of the successful one and be a great advertising tool. Also check any of the supposed trades and look for the intraday drawdown between the open and closed dates of the trade. In my view most people couldnt handle that level of drawdown.

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hi paul.....i'll take a closer look at the statements.....forgive my ignorance but what exactly do you mean by the word "drawdown"?....does it mean the same as margin?

thanks in advance
Drawdown can be considered as variation margin,or your loss on paper.This is basically the loss you would incur if you were to close out the trade not wanting to take bigger losses.
Of course those with deeper pockets can wait,or hope,for the trade to eventually go their way.Mere mortals are not always in as fortunate a position.
Hi to all

I wanted to keep quiet but I cant LOL, because I too feel strongly about the issues mentioned in the above posts,
You've pretty much hit all the right notes with the questions and answers so i'll keep mine short......

Anyone can pay a large sum of money into a spread betting account then request a cheque payout from them and voila theres your "testimonial" cheque ready and waiting to be used in your latest marketing scam !!
(you dont have to have actually won it etc)



PS : I too bought his workbook for £297 last year and while it was a good intro for me, once I realised he was into
"drip feeding" the information I drew a line under him and decided to teach myself (luckly before I spent £2995 + VAT)

PPS : My recycling bins in the garage are labeled as follows:
Bin 1 is for green glass
Bin 2 is for clear glass
Bin 3 is for metal cans
Bin 4 is for old newspapers/magazines/junk mail etc
Go on you know whats coming dont you :cheesy:
Bins 5 & 6 are for Vinces snail mail spam ;)
I have done both courses. VS's course boils down to one paragraph in the middel fo a photocopy. MTutors is a coupe of books and software. (i wrote a little thing elsewhere). Someone else said they get bombarded with spam fro them - why not unsubscribe? I get 2 trade emails a day from them (that I asked for) and other than that one email a month. Got bored with the update and I unsubcribed. Don't get it now. Also I travveled to milton keyes to meet the blokes behind it. had nothng to hide, and when i was there were buying the S&P's for £100 a point so at leats I could see them trading. traderd with a 2 point stop loss when i was there, and i watched them take 7 points. I may have been lucky of course to see them win.