do spreadbetting firms change real market prices


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But they can also take some levered profit away from you too with their underhand platform freezes etc which is a bit sh1tty of them


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anyone who thinks that a top spread betting company would deliberately "freeze" their platform to stop a punter closing his poxy ftse bet is clearly a complete retard. it just doesn't happen.

if the platform freezes/your browser sticks/whatever niche porn you are watching in another window starts to swallow too much bandwidth, call the dealing desk and close out your position by phone.


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You can tell by the comments here that there are so many with absolutely no experience or understanding of how SB firms work.

They cant just do do what they want, when they want. They ARE regulated no matter what anyone says.

If you want to prove otherwise, get all the data say from CME and compare it to the prices of the accused rip off SB firm. (Is this not the most logical 1st port of call?) after all, you need proof to make these sort of accusations.

If you get scared simply because a platform freezes then you either: dont know what you are doing or you are trading with too much leverage.

Remember they are a business too. For example; you cant expect them to offer you a tight bid/offer when the underlying futures market is extremely light on the orderbook.
This is the most likely time that anyone will have a problem because the underlying markets move so fast around news announcements. SB firms cant fill you if they cant get filled themselves. So the solution is simple, either dont trade around these times or switch to direct market for limit orders.

There is far too much ignorance apparent, and a lot of blame.:eek:

Understand how it all fits together and you will embrace the fact that SB exsist!!!!!

Arabian made it quite clear as to any theory of manipulation to moving the price around. There are always players in the know that would hammer the SB firm if they did this. They would end up losing more because big players would hit them hard if they see price discrepancy.

No matter what anyones says, the financial markets in the norm, are very transparrent and well regulated especially considering the amounts of money involved.

End of the day, they are a business, and you need to know how they fit in to your trading plan, if indeed they do?


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All I can say is open a spreadbet account and find out for yourself, after 6 months you'll know who was right and who was wrong.


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you and your conspiracy mumbo jumbo.

if you know the product and use it properly, it works. it does exactly what it says it does, nothing more and nothing less.

the claims of deliberate platform freezes would be hilarious if they weren't born out of such putrid ignorance.


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Actually my views are based on my experience of trying to trade with several different spreadbet firms and being ripped off by all of them, anyhow as I said to the original poster just open an account and find out for yourself.


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I can only comment on my own experience. I have been SB'ing for 5 years now, NEVER experienced this price manipulation, NEVER had problems opening/closing trades. Never seen any of this so-called underhand tactics.

Rather than gross generalisations, if you are accussing SBs then give us specific examples of what they did.

I think most people are too quick to blame SBs for their own lack of research and understanding into what SB is and how it works.
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