Article Discovering the Historical Narrative that Sabotages Your Trading Mind

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“Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal.”
                                                                                 Robert A. Heinlein
Jeff had been here before.  After working real hard, he had finally gotten funded, traded well for a while, and then it all fell apart – again.  And he lost the funding he had worked so hard to get.  He had cycled through this pattern a couple of times over the last several years so he was no stranger to it.  Each time, he thought he had it beaten. Jeff would double down on his effort, work real hard at getting his head back together, and trade confidently. 
Then “it”, ever so subtly, would creep back into his trading and, before he knew it, he started making mistakes he knew better than to make.  Then his confidence would erode.  And he would give back his profits.  It was baffling.  The problem is that Jeff did not know what “it” was.  He knew something was going on.  Somehow a confident, disciplined trader had degraded...

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Good Article

Not necessarily new ideas but well explained and I suspect highly relevant (can see myself there in the past). Looking forward to the next instalment.


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Have you heard about FL?

Have you heard about " MERCHANT ADVANCED" trading method?

Don't know anything about all that above! I'm just a simple trend trader that takes money out of the market and have found the psychological stuff quite useful. I've always found it beneficial to listen to what other people have to say, because occasionally there are some nuggets. :)
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