Digital Animations - DAG


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Up 6 today to close at 71. Due to complete a descending triangle on or about the 23rd. The question is will it break through the downward trend line.

What do our Games Gurus think about this one from a fundamental point of view.

DAG were losing money as a develepor so had little interest in them. They then canned game development for the sexy Ananova internet virtual presenter. All of a sudden bears like myself were told to shut up as they were now great(still no money though) and up they went on hype. And down they fall as little old SCi rises on good old fashioned profit and a high demand consumer product. Don't like DAG or anything internet for that matter after Yahoo europe slashing advert revenue figures which most models are based on.
Thanks Max..........its not that it is a stock I would normally trade, but it was thrown up on my filter list of Candlestick reversals and as you recently introduced the games theme on here, thought it might be of interest.

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