Difficulty in trading Futures


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I am trying to day trade futures in FTSE, CAC40, DAX and ESTX50. I have all charts running from the start in the morning. I also havew a chart running for YM.

I notice that all the above futures are dependant on movements of YM. I just donot understand what FTSE or DAX or CAC has to do with YM?Why cant they have independant movements of their own? And this is in the morning when US markets are not open

I am interested to know what other futures traders do and how they address this problem. Are there any index futures which are not corelated to YM(or DOW)?

All help much appreciated. Thanks


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Why do you care? That's not meant to sound rude by the way, the point I amtrying to make is that you are trading an instrument and reacting to its movements, aside from needing to know what will impact or influence it, why do you care that it may be the US. All you need is to be aware of those influences and then trade what you see.


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I have been through the same thing with WHY the BP leads the trade for currencies. In the end no matter how simple or complicated the explanations I found and received, the WHY was to no avail and also by the time you figure out why one instrument is the lead the dynamics will change. So I concur with Rogue - Instead focus on using that info to give you more edge.




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Why not just chart the spreads between these contracts, then you can see how independently they move of each other over any time period. There are some interesting, fairly range-bound spreads out there.
Some traders watch a basket of indices and wait until one lags and try to take a tick or two that way.

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That's an idea that I've been meaning to look into for ages, but not got round to yet. Is it something you do yourself & do you have a defined strategy for it?

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