Difference between Spread betting and CFDs



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From what I've read you don't need to declare spread bet winnings on a self assessment as its a non taxable product.
Excellent, I'm glad you got there in the end!

"An activity of buying and selling shares and other financial instruments undertaken by an individual will normally amount to investment or speculation falling short of trading unless there are factors which take the case ‘out of the norm’... " (the word "trading" here means trading as a business)

This means even with CFDs, Options, Futures or direct Shares an individual will normally not be liable to income tax no matter how many transactions they've made, it is only capital gains tax they have to consider. Spread-betting would normally be exempt from both - that is the difference.

"Though the terminology used in spread betting frequently echoes that of the derivatives market, no assets are acquired or disposed of and no chargeable gains or allowable losses arise from spread betting"

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I have reverted to CFD trading as spread betting is more costly to trade and executions, platform performance is poor.
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