Did you ever try passive income which do not require your management?


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Hi, all!

One question. Did you ever try passive income (any kind) which do not require your management? What was your experience?


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never ever ever ever ever ever

delegate the management of your money to others.....

in anything ......



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Money management is the requirement in all type of investments. There is always a risk of losing money when you invest somewhere. You have to do some work for the research and awareness about the place where you are going to invest your money. Thank you!


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The OP asked about passive income not passive investment. For me passive investment would be putting money in the bank or in a mutual fund. The way most people try to gain an edge and keep ahead of inflation. There is nothing wrong with this and it certainly does work.

If you ask me about passive income what comes to mind is something like Google ads, Youtube channels... things like that. These can also work but I think the odds of success are much greater. There are people who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this... but they are few and far between. If you have a good idea then I'd say go for it. You just might beat the odds. Cost of entry is certainly cheap enough.


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The return is always connected to the risk. The lower is risk - the lower would be the return. That is why it would be better to obtaing necessary skills and knowledge to manage own funds by yourself according to personal risk tolerance and financial goals.


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if anyone has looked at MLM or online internet selling or other such "Passive" forms of income ...the one thing you will have learned is that its not passive at all .........the opposite in fact ............a lot of hard work needed to make money in those games


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Yes, I tried. Being an investor, I earned sufficient for my expenses, but still I need to create a solid passive income source. so I started digging-up some fields like education, technology etc.
Than I found education is my niche and started academic writer in an Educational firm called Instant Assignment Help Australia. I started with them as an academic writer and now working as an head marketer for them. They are providing [Link Removed] in Australia, UK and USA.
Now they are giving me an attractive paycheck.

smart thinking Henry.....well done
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Hoping my new site offering central bank analysis will provide me passive income. I do it anyway and I know other traders do it also. If I can offload some of their burden doing it and make some dosh while doing it, happy days


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Hi, all!

One question. Did you ever try passive income (any kind) which do not require your management? What was your experience?
Yeah it works for example bank deposit. It's basically risk free but returns are low as well. But we have powerful instrument called compound returns so if you work intensively towards increasing your investments absolute profit will grow at increased pace. Regarding other types of passive investment I'm too risk averse to test them.