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Hi all,

I have been focusing on day-trading spot FX. However, I'd also like to learn to trade the ES and am looking for a cost effective way in doing so.

In FX, its pretty cheap to learn - you can download MT4 and demo trade with free live data to your heart's content until you're ready to go live. Historical data is free. It seems considerably more complicated when it comes to the ES. As I live in the US of A, CFDs are illegal so I have to work with the real deal.

I got Ninjatrader and have been playing with the market replay feature, but I'd like to hook it up to a real time data feed so that I can trade as things are happening in the markets. Does anyone know of the most cost effective way of accomplishing this, without having to rely on a 30 day demo that will expire? I'm okay parting with $30-50 a month to learn.



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Interactive Brokers charge $20 (or about it) for the data to ES, YM, and a few other emini futures and if you actively trade you pay nothing. To open an account with IB you need to deposit 10 grand if I am not mistaken. It used to be only $2500 when I was opening mine, but 10,000 bucks should not be a lot to anyone who seriously wants to trade for a living.

Anyway, just trying to help.


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When I was in your shoes I just recycled email addresses, maybe not the "right" thing to do,but meh.



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Try MB Trading. $16/mo data feed and low minimum account size. They used to have a free demo account too.


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$49.95 / mo
realistic tick-by-tick free data for eminis(NASDAQ/ S&P 500 / Russell 2000 and more!)
not so common oscillators/indicators/setting like Ergodic/pesavento pattern/range chart/tick charts volume charts.

Full customization possible (colors/width of lines ...)

first 7 days free then 49.95 US dollars / month

I recommend you read about the setup of software and see as many videos(on Ensign website) as you can.

On May 25th activate your free trial for 7 days and if you like it, pay the $49.95 on June 1st and you'll have uninterrupted mock trading! Very powerful software. My tool
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