Definition Of Loss.

That's a good one - just keep moving your stop down - just think, no more losing trades ;-)
well not until the bond holders take over ?

and the Inland Revenue agree their worthless - then you have a tax loss.


But even that gives you a 40% return !
Just make sure you've got plenty of reserve cash to answer the margin calls.

Eureka! We've done it! We've found the Holy Grail of trading! We can guarantee we never take a loss again! And in just 6 posts!
imo lads the only thing which is a loss is when u know u hv to exit @ say 1 pt loss but instead cling onto yr trade with sweaty fingers and hope u'll break-even. u usually end up losing much more then :)
For what it is worth,

whenever you place a trade in the market there is a risk that it will not work, hence the reason for a stop loss to restrict your losses to allow you to trade at another time. However your set-up should provide you with a higher balance of probability that it does work in your favour.

With this in mind when you approach the trading day in order to follow your trading system properly there will come a time when you either get stopped out or your mental stop is reached and you close for a loss. If you have followed your trading plan then you could consider it that you have not a loss in the usual sense but took a businessman's risk. It is the risk you have given up which you were prepared at the start of your deal to accept.

Following on then you might consider a loss as more than that which you were originally prepared to risk and not keeping to your stops. If you get stopped out to frequently one day then maybe it is a day to miss or your system is not quite complete or you have just followed your trading plan to the letter and your risks have not worked out today. But there is always tomorrow.
It is easy to know when you have made a loss. It happens when you start with a specific monetary amount and at a later date you have less than that amount.

Why debate such a trivial issue ?
You might as well debate how long a piece of string is. That would probably be more interesting and capable of more imaginative and intellectual debate.
Here's a laugh, a mate of mine bought some Vod around 180 and another lot at 90ish. He just sold the 90's y'day at 137.5 so he hasn't made a loss :confused: :LOL:
Loss in capital starts with the loss in discipline except that the latter is much more worrying
Loss in capital starts with the loss in discipline except that the latter is much more worrying

You have to acquire or develop discipline before you can lose it. Too many people never even get there - they just lose their capital.