day trade 2 swing trade?

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Dec 13, 2004
Oh no, it's ok, i dont mind being humbled, well as long as it doesn't happen to often (can't be good for my self-esteem - he he). As for the books, i have just bought four of them that got good reviews on amazon. I have just started to read the first one today by a "Toni Turner"?. You see, i have always had a strong interest in the markets, am good with numbers. I always wanted to be an original floor trader, but as that job is well pretty much extinct, I think day trading could hopefully be a career for me.

What about you, is trading a full/part time job or just a hobby.

I know that there is plenty money to be made if your good/lucky. Hopefully i will be (either one, I'm dont mind).
Nov 19, 2004
Marietta, Ohio
Just thought that I would add my two cents.

I never was good at scalping, so my daytrades focus around support/resistance and MACD confirmations. I added comments on the attached chart to show how I view the market activity during the day to determine good entries and exits.

Hope this helps.




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Aug 28, 2004
spookygr said:
Ok , well, i guess its back to the drawing board for me, I thought i might have been onto something there. Thanks for the input everyone. Its been helpfull, well humbling at least ; )
Sorry if it's been "humbling"! That wasn't the intention of my post at all. In any case, you are really coming across as a brave realist by saying "Back to the drawing board". Many people make the mistake of not saying that. Good luck to you.