DAX / FESX / BUND Daily Trade Plan


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DAX Daily Trade Plan


Been posting on another thread on this forum for a few days but as usual on these things it has a sociopath or two :LOL:

The point of this journal is to share my daily trade plan.

My trade plan is not an exact crystal ball prediction of the market movement, it is a guide to help me make decisions during the day and have pre-determined targets and potential entry points as well as an overall direction.

I'm a full-time professional trader using auction market theory and seasonal cycle strategies.

No exact entries or stop loss locations will be provided as that is a decision that every trader has to make on their own based on their own risk profile and trading methodology.

Last but not least I have selected an option to only allow people on my contact list to post here.

This is to discouraged EGO posts and MrKnowItAll posters. This is from a bunch of traders yelling "I am short at 10,XXX"..."Yippee, just hit my target"..."Damn just got stopped!..."Taking another short".. Never do this and never do that... Blah Blah Blah!

I have NO interest in this sort of thing.
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DAX Trade plan ahead of 4th November 2015

Overall I'm looking to sell into rallies and false breakouts for the eventual breakdown of 10,882 for a pulse to 10,807/10 then eventually 10,725/40.

Currently short @ 10,961 & 10,980