DAX and DOW thread

Shes getting very interesting. 10820 is key. If this finds support.....she will jump 400-800pips north during and after US election results.
Dropping from 10820....trading @ 10650s

Wasn't comfortable trading any supply zone as I remained bullish.

10645 with upside targets @ 10850. We'll see if this gets respected until tomorrow morning when I will go long.
I have not traded DAX actively because of recent election volatility.

Its obvious that shes ranging between 10800 and 10600.
rejected 10780 to 10800 three times over the last 7 days, if she is trading around 10645 on Tuesday, we should see 150pips drop followed by another 150pips the following 2 days, and then bearish move to follow further on, based on bigger timeframe.

I will be bearish next week.
Failed to close under 10645 area and considering DOW is making fresh highs....tomorrow morning would be interesting for DAX....

10750 open...I expect 100pips spike up.....and a fresh bull run.....from 10825
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10750 and thrust up didnt happen considering DOW trading fresh highs.

Now at 10520s - I'll be interested shorting 10575-10600 targeting 10100. Tight stops.
She's now 11030.....should have remained with my initial bias of bullish....10825. Rejecting from 10360

I am now expecting a retest of 10825 and then target 11260
Any update to this thread?
Stopped analysing this market for sometime as been engaged with few open positions with FX.

Considering DAX is now at 11750+, don't be surprise it tests previous record highs around 12400 at some point mid this year.

DOW and FTSE have all been making fresh highs since.

This weeks Support zones 11800. Good luck with trading chaps. Markets are now more volatile than ever before. Trade safe.
DAX hit 12390 (IG Index ). It took a while to get here considering my last post was 19th February.

I'll be keeping an eye on DOW - Potential short for 200-400pips from record high and will monitor where DAX is at the same time.


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I trade Dax my bread and butter.

I trade tick charts.

Any other traders trade ticks charts?
Hi goose, no I don't trade tick charts, but could you post some examples of your charts and how you might trade them. I'm just interested to see the difference between this approach and conventional candle or bar charts.


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Hi goose, no I don't trade tick charts, but could you post some examples of your charts and how you might trade them. I'm just interested to see the difference between this approach and conventional candle or bar charts.
Yeah I will.

Ever since I changed from mt4 to ninja trader platform about a year ago,because
I needed what ninja offers.

I find the price action is more clearer with ticks.Also I use hi/low bars. because
its easy to find and draw certain price action,like head and shoulders. So easy to draw and spot bullish and bearish for example using triangles for head and shoulders. You need movement in the market to day trade. So when its quiet tick charts don't print as many.This also helps. When market is quiet usually means a period of indecision or quiet time of the day. That's why I only trade first two and half hours of a open .Same with Dow but I do like the last hour of the dow to trade is my exception. You want the river flowing in your direction to push your trade to the finishing line.

I use 2584 tick chart for interest and alert (to see if we are pivoting or trending) and 89 tick chart for entry and confirmation and to see a good stop level. usually risking 1;3 reward.Only needing to win one in 4 to break even is power if you have a edge. Losing trades is part of the game. You got to pay rent. Nothing in life is free,even this game. I enjoy my losses as much as my wins as they are the same value being a trader. Once you have this mindset you become free,and you can trade your method properly. These are fibonacci numbers. Im not a fan boy with them. But hey I got to choose something. The markets only trends 20% of the time. So I trade the other 80% when it pivots (not pivot points) but also trade when its trending.

Also with ninja I have order flow of the contracts traded within each bar.Its like a xray of the battle.You see the sellers and buyers. With forex you dont get this. Makes it harder in my view. Looking for order imbalance and high delta bars. That gives your trade confidence. Also why I needed ninja.Ok dude,rant over.
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