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BUX is closed so it doesn't appear on seach, you have to digit it on URL .
BTW BUX never had a significant aum
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This is the crah list I used to stress test investing strategies.


@CavaliereVerde Interesting.


From my point of view
SCS is also big crash, as I remember when this Darwin was introduced everyone was investing in it crazily...
Now, in underlying strategy DD is ~80%!!!
The darwin has lost huge amount because at peak it had an AUM of 1.5M and now DD of ~35%.
If Darwinex is transparent they must release amount/return on AUM (in absolute term) earned/lost by Darwins instead of performance fees (Shall we all write to Darwinex and see how transparent they are???).
I have wrote an email to them, will keep you updated on this...
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Remember QUA? Not so bad as well 😅

Few millions investment lost... : https://www.darwinex.com/fr/darwin/QUA

Darwinex forum description : https://community.darwinex.com/t/qua-quantessence/2962

Pure Pip Producer personal opinion 1 : If you read the word "Quantitative" in a trading strategy description, run away the faster and the farest as you can...

Pure Pip Producer personal opinion 2 : Quants = Mythomaniac
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It's one thing to be overconfident and seriously but unintentionally misguided (see BUX), and it's another thing to intentionally throw together buzzwords, jargons and superfluous statements to deceive people into thinking you know what you're doing.

I also don't understand how some of these strategies still have investors even when the trader has since disappeared. See QUA, FSK, etc.

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EDIT : Megalomaniac isn't mythomaniac. Megalo is more like Elon Musk or Zlatan Ibrahimovic... not so bad :p

I can see only HGF... It's not trading, It's just buy and hold on the stocks markets, i think...

What do you think about KNJ ? : https://www.darwinex.com/en/darwin/KNJ

Look at its trading account : https://www.darwinex.com/en/account/KNJ.9

Very weird thing... It's seems that the RM cut all before the IPO ... 😂
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