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[DARWIN] ZQI by LongacreTrader

Hi all,

Thought I would provide a post / update following last week's hit.

Sometimes it takes a biggish hit to make you step back and re-evaluate.

I spent the entire weekend doing so and realised I was overtrading; in part this was due to my achieving Gold status & picking up investors, so was emotion driven, something I usually keep out of my trading.

I went back through the last 3 months and whilst I will be keeping the same entry levels (I trade key S&R) my Grid trades will be further apart and set on Key Levels, allowing me to semi-automate the process.

My backtesting has actually generated higher profits than previously achieved and without hitting my account based Stop Loss. I will be using this approach moving forward.

My trading strategy does result in some extended periods of DD, sometimes for a few days so please expect this if you have invested.

As always; trading Forex is a higher risk investment approach and Losses will be incurred at times.

Many thanks